Wayne Roberts contact

anyone got an email, website address, postal address for Wayne Roberts the frame builder?
just picked up a sweet Ciombola frame and it needs a fork.

Someone posted here a while back that he wasn’t doing any bike stuff anymore and just making caravans in SA. I have one of the PURSUIT road bikes he built for Super Elliot in the early 80’s, so am curious as well.

I think I may have seen you carrying the frame on your handlebar. You rode past me on royal pde yesterday afternoon at about 4.30-ish. Fixed with BMX helmet. Correct?

I was thinking to myself, “that’s a nice Ciombola … where’s the fork?”


Try www.fyxomatosis.com/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=3&thread_id=90
nice one there

Wayne Roberts doesn’t make bike frames anymore. I used to own a Ciombola road frame that he had made. His son Luke Roberts is a track racer (not sure if he still is?) he used to have a website (google it), maybe you could get some contact details through him. Last I heard Wayne Roberts is working in a welding shop building trailers in SA…

His son still races. I read yesterday he just competed in the Milano Six Day race.

That fork looks tempting but would need to be drilled.
Wasn’t me on me on Royal Pde but must have been the friend I got it through.