WAYWT thread!

This forum has been sorta boring since my hat thread became dormant.
So I’m starting a ‘what are you wearing today’ thread.
Post a pic of what you’re wearing.
Can be lycras or work clothes, whatever you like.

like this, but a bit different

but different-I have a smoking pipe.

Different? Put your head on this and it’s you!!

i don’t wear brown leather shoes. and my pants have coffee stains.

coffee the beverage, not coffee, FoA member.

I choked a bit on my coffee, as in coffee the beverage as well.

I am at my desk wearing a fez to which I have attached a “fist of adonis”

As if this thread would be taken seriously…

i love casual dress days…

oooooooooh, What Are You Wearing Today!

soz, thought it as What Are You Wanking To

remember this guy from roubaix?? i’m trying to forget…

DSC_0004 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I’m wearing mostly black, but I do have a nice jumper which is a cross between a Turquise and a Robin Egg Blue, tomorrow I’ll be wearing a blue jumper which is close to a Phthalo Blue, and that’s going to look pretty fucking spectacular.

Country Road brown leather boots, Country Road grey work pants Jack London blue and white check shirt, Jack London navy blue blazer. I look pretty S-M-R-T.

I rode to work in black Dickies (cuffed), black adidas Sambas and a grey Cadence crewneck jumper. I looked pretty hip.

Are you kidding or serious?


Serious. I work in an office. CR and JL make nice fitting reasonably priced clothes.

Without the sceptre

a “my shit don’t stink” grin
that is all.

haha okay sorry I wasn’t trying to sound like a smart-arse. Hard to know what to believe in this thread.
Someone needs to pull out that photo of you JLN from that magazine a couple of years ago… :slight_smile:

What a fucking surprise.

Mankini for me.