We live on the weekends

Have you ever had an awesome weekend? A weekend that leaves you totally spent and when you sit down on the couch on a Sunday, you have a grin from ear to ear and totally satisfied as to how the last couple of days went? Well I just had one and am just itching to share.

I also thought it would be an okay idea to share different stories from the best days of the week.

So I drove up to Sydney to visit a friend of mine, the main idea was to go up and watch a game of Ice Hockey as our team, Vancouver Canucks, are in the Stanley Cup final, but this was on Sunday so we had a day up our sleeves to do whatever with.

We checked the surf reports and there had been talk all week about a big swell to hit the coast, and it was coming in the right direction for a certain surf spot made famous by ‘the bra boys’. We headed out to Cape Solander and witnessed the heaviest waves I have ever seen in my life. It was amazing to see how much power nature can dish up and the pro surfers risking their safety to take on this wave. Check this pic out and try to imagine the noise of that amount of water crashing.

Then we got back and headed in to town to see Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Vivid light festival. Once we hit circular quay there was an awesome vibe about. Lights were being projected on the cities skyline, Customs house had a CRAZY projection thing going on… It is hard to explain so I will just show you the sorts of things they were doing:

YouTube - ‪Hot Wheels Secret Race Battle - 3D projection mapping in Sydney‬‏

We then headed in to see HBE play, I was a bit worried that being the opera house, the show would be a little snobbish (more the crowd wouldn’t get in to it…) but only 5 minutes in to the gig and people were out of their seats and jumping up and down. If you ever get the chance to see these guys… do it, one of the best shows I have seen.

Afterwards we headed in to Mamak in chinatown for a late night feed. If you live in Sydney and haven’t been here yet… do yourself a favour and give it a go. Mamak - Authentic Malaysian Cuisine

The night was topped off when a fixed gear rider rode past… I requested skid and skid is what i got. Thanks Mr Pake in chinatown.

So, Sunday morning came along and we headed in to Star City casino and went to the sports bar. We asked for the hockey to be put on and for a couple of beers to watch the game. Just before the game started, 3 Canadian backpackers joined us and we started to talk hockey… for me this is a big thing and something that I don’t ever get as all of my friends love NRL and think it is gods gift to sport. The game was super close, I won’t bore you anymore but lets just say that when you end up hugging random dudes over a sport… its a very special moment.

So yeah. Weekends… they are awesome.

I was at Cape Solander today, but the swelll had dropped…still chunky though. I also eat at mamak regularly and yes it is fantastic. I don’t follow Ice Hockey but I drink beer and like meeting nice random people at late drinking sessions. All in all a fantastic yarn, slightly let down by the bits that don’t interest me, but story does not at all suffer because of this. I’m giving it 4 and a half stars, Margaret?[/David Stratton]

I spent a lot of time and ALL my money at the strippers on saturday night after cx racing on friday, then mount dandenong on sunday for some Views out to geelong (you can see the you yangs, and the city looks like an ants nest)

Yeah boy, livin for the weekend

Hahaha, so good.

Oh man, I read this bit in exactly his voice.

Last year, when I raced 3 cyclocross events in 8 days in 3 different states… That was pretty rad. The road trip weekend with other FOA funtime peeps to the Canberra CX race was equally rad, partly due to Mckenny’s mixtapes, Benzy’s icecream sandwich rant, Squiggle’s track pump inflated car suspension, the tartan carton…

This weekend however has totally wrecked me and left my body a little broken, Friday: setup, raced & tore down DDCX, Saturday: photographed Hell of the West, Sunday: Organised and ran Melbourne Gravel Grinder #3 then sorted all the photos for upload tonight.

Sleep when you’re dead folks.

Glad you enjoyed Sydney, Vivid certainly is a good time to be there. I was involved with one of the installations under the freeway on the left hand side of circular quay, with 4000 something perspex tubes that changed colours.

Let me tell you I was not too fond of installing it at 4am on a particularly freezing morning.

As for my weekend it was bloody tops, my first non-7 day working week in quite a while. Girlfriend was busy with uni work so had some bike time, made some soup, played some guitar and caught up on life. Pretty stoked.

Much less exciting in the burbs, spent nearly all weekend on the yard. Now it doesn’t look like that family from “Shameless” lives here.

good thread.

I went to IKEA on sunday…

prob don’t need to say anything else, but for those of you that have never been there, it pretty much negates all the awesomeness that proceeded…

I have been looking forward to the coming weekend for a while. Convoy to the country, 4 races in 3 days, taking over and sleeping in a Church. Not much more a person needs.

I went to IKEA on sunday…

prob don’t need to say anything else, but for those of you that have never been there, it pretty much negates all the awesomeness that proceeded…

my buddy is one of the ikea main dudes in melbourne and he was telling me the figures that pass through ikea on weekends - around 11 000 visitors on a sunday.

and all of them walking against the fucking arrows, 4 abreast and with 7 stupid kids running around.

i too went to ikea on sunday for all sorts of storage solutions…as well as retravision for a new dryer, bunnings for some shelving/potting mix/mulch/compost bin, red rooster for a rippa sub w/ chili and& garlic aioli and finally coles for a stuffed unicorn!

Oh god, against the arrows!! where did they enter the store?! And always with kids!

I fucken hate Ikea.

Although I have a rare gift for assembling flat-pack furniture.

It’s an internal tension I manage to live with.

^ Agreed, but It is one of the best places to buy scandinavian food anywhere in melbourne.

My weekend was very relaxing.
Drove to Mum and Dad’s on Friday night, arriving about 9:30pm. Dad was in bed already, and Mum was asleep on the couch so I sat in front of the heater with the cat for a few minutes before going to bed.
Saturday morning I read the papers and had a good chat to Dad before he went to golf, and I went into town to visit the newsagent and wash my car. I then went to Nanna and Grandpa’s for lunch. Grandpa showed me the new shelves he is putting up in the garage and Nanna made us a ridiculous vegetable soup. I’m glad I didn’t have breakfast so I could enjoy two bowls full.
After lunch I played around in Dad’s shed trying to fix a few things and then had some chicken and vegetables for dinner with Mum and Dad.
I went to my cousins after dinner to play with Ebay as my parents don’t have the internet at their house. My cousin bought pizza for dinner so I enjoyed a few slices. I also met my eldest cousins new girlfriend. She confirmed my previous Facebook stalkings that she is a babe and a ‘good sort’ like my Nanna had said. Watched a bit of 17 Again and then back to Mum and Dad’s for bed.
Sunday I wanted to go ride my bike, but girlfriend hours were required as I’m going to Brisbane for a week as of this Friday. Drove from Mum and Dad’s to my girlfriends, cursing all the people who drive slow in the right hand lane. Had scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, and then went to Warrandyte for lunch a hour or so later. My girlfriend wanted to go to St Andrews for some reason, so we drove there and then continued to Kinglake where we stopped at the bakery to share a donut and I showed her the new Telstra Exchange which she was very excited about obviously.
Went from Kinglake to Whittlesea where she slept most of the way and I enjoyed the countryside before getting back into suburbia.
My girlfriends Mum made great homemade pizzas for dinner, so I enjoyed those while my girlfriend went out for dinner with one of her friends. I drove home and unpacked my car, put all my washing away and then went to sleep.

Short version: I drove places and ate great food while visiting very good people.

I did two full days at work (consisted of me sitting on fixed.org and some other forums + drafting up bike frame blueprints)
Fit in ~150km of riding
And spent 4 hours on Saturday morning at the farmers markets selling perigord truffles (the family business)

I’m getting pretty good at packing tonnes of shit into my weekends…

i almost time my visits to ikea (when i need to go) and treat them like a black ops/SAS mission. the aim being to get in and out as fast as possible without getting caught by the enemy (ie distracted by other items and delayed by other shoppers).

if at all possible i try and go before work/weeknights early in the week.

Hell is ikea an hour before closing on a weekend.

Spent Friday night down at Dirty Deeds taking photos of people smashing through all kinds of horrible smelling sectors, and freezing my arse off at the same time. But it was so worth it! Great night. I then worked for the majority of Saturday and then sped home and edited photos like a boss to get them to Brendan in time for his Dirty Deeds write up. Then, on Sunday, I rode out to Saint Cloud where I met up with Nick and the rest of the MBASE guys and Prolly. We then rode out to the Flemington drains and the guys had a good sesh while I snapped some more photos. I then rode home from there and once again, spent the evening editing photos, eating a sweet, sweet parma and harassing the MasterChef contestants through the tv with a close mate. Riding. Taking photos, and hanging with and meeting a bunch of great people = one sweet weekend.