We need stuff like this here in Aus!


That is a classic!!

Love it!!!

You need to wrap yourself in this Nexus

Yeah nice one, i must admit i didn’t notice the bear at first

That’s because you discriminate against bears, Damoh…

if this stuff works it could have saved me 5 stitches in my chin, a new fork and handle bars this afternoon.

i saw an xr6 run into the back of a 550 Ferrari tonight because they were dragging each other at the lights, and the xr6 didn’t see the small black car 100 metres up the road in it’s lane, and tried to cut in behind the Ferrari but couldn’t slow down quick enough. idiots.

heh, hope you hung around to drop the pair of them in it with the cops.
if you can afford to own penis extensions of that nature, you can afford the fistful of fines that follow such behavior…