Web help PLEASE!

OK, I’m (amongst other things) a Graphic designer (hope you like the new logo ;)). Heaps of print experience, NO web experience. I’ve decided to give myself a re-brand move into the now and have bought a wordpress template off theme forest. I have “hosting” with webcity which I’ve only been using for the email and have an “under construction page” up on the web for a few years now. yes years.

I have asked questions of my hosting company and trolled the net about what to do next with no real help other than nerd gaff (no disrespect). Is this something that can be explained step by step (under 1000 words) or should I just speak to one of my web teaching colleges at work?

I’ve actively stayed away from web for ages but now that I’ve made the decision I’m kinda excited and want to get this thing live. Cheers.

This is the template I bought.
WordPress - Bigbang - Responsive WordPress Template | ThemeForest

This is my current site. Don’t judge me, It was a long time ago.
Welcome to Doug’s Graphic Garage

Did they give you a different URL for an admin login. Not to mention a username/password

That would be in your original agreement. Are you still paying for it?

I don’t know about Webcity, but we (https://serversaurus.com.au) have a one-click Wordpress install inside our control panel. After Wordpress is installed, you upload the template via FTP to /wp-content/wp-themes

After that you login to www.yourdomain.com.au/wp-admin - navigate to Appearance, and find your template in the list - then click Activate.

If you don’t have a Wordpress install facility, you’ll need to do it manually, which is a much lengthier process. Email me if you need any help.

Cheers guys, I’m gonna go back to webcity with this and put the VERY hard word on them.