Wednesday Arvo Road Ride

Hey all,

Because I don’t like Ezy and his pep, i’ve decided to start my own following through a Wednesday afternoon road ride.
Unfortunately I can’t make most Thursday rides because it’s the night that I usually have to try and go to openings/shows/etc at galleries and stuff. And I can’t really ever join anyone for weekend rides, so I figure this is the next best option.

We’ve been on one ride thus far, up Blackie and to the Arboretum. Ideally it’ll be a semi-serious longer ride for as long as we can have warm weather and light afternoons.

Tomorrow, I suggest a Cotter/Uriarra or even down to the Cotter (maybe on top of it) and back? Start from our usual meeting point down at the boatshed at 5:45? Bring lights, a snack and some money for beers and/or light dinner.

Who’s in?


Sounds good, I am a definite maybe. I will find out tomorrow if I can get a BBL ticket but otherwise a CU loop would be perfect.

Out, got a ticket!

I do running training Wednesday nights so will be out most weeks.

I’d love to but family commitments don’t give me much time out