Wednesday evening along the beach

Last Wednesday was so much fun (albeit a tad lonely), I’ll be doing it again:

Casual ride along the beach to the Spit and/or Burleigh from about 6pm, starting at Surfers (or anywhere between there and Burleigh to suit others). Only requirements: Lights and a smile. Enjoy the scenery, talk some crap, and dodge some eggs of love!

PM or email : nathan at undershorts dot org

Gold Coast…kinda near Brisbane…give me a couple of weeks and I will join you!!

Subject to rain - this week (1st March): ~6pm at Surfers. I’m flexible re start time or place, PM or email above address.


Gotta admire your optimism, Nath.

You’re just gunna have to find 'em locally and chase 'em down.

Good luck

On again this evening - Wednesday 15th, starting a little earlier before it gets too dark: ~5:20pm. From somewhere in Surfers, pm or email. Cheeky cruise along the beach… No bare chests!

I’ll be riding this Wednesday evening (29th) from about 5pm - if anyone wants to come along, please email or PM.

Calling all Gold Coast fixies or fix-curious…

Wednesday evening beach ride - this week (19th April) perhaps with a detour out to the Nerang velodrome - start at about 5pm, flexible start time and location - pm or email… anyone welcome!

WOW Awesome turnout tonight… In addition to my bag, helmet, lights and gloves there were two cane toads.

Nerang velodrome is loads of fun, as is the criterium circuit around it. The velo is outdoor, asphalt and has a shallow angle. There are lights, but they were off tonight.

I did a few laps, dinged my bell to signal that I was still lapping at the plan (meanwhile dreaming of that slow-mo footage of ole ritter) and then fanged it home on the nerang-southport road. You brissy guys should come down one evening soon for a fix ride at Nerang - the crit circuit is fun in the dark.

rogaine… what is the Chandler velo like ?

Cycling home with a big stupid grin on … I couldn’t help but wonder… ‘why all the long faces?’


Fixed, free and fixed-curious… like the Mardi Gras!

WOW Awesome turnout tonight… In addition to my bag, helmet, lights and gloves there were two cane toads.[quote]

That is some very funny stuff, laughed hard. I promise I will come down to join you. I missed the ride this week cause I am 6183 kms away…a poor excuse I know. I searched through a couple of bike shops last night in Singapore, but nothing even close to any fixed products…pricks!

This Wednesday 3rd May, casual beach ride starting about 5pm Surfers, up to the Spit, then maybe roll down to Burleigh… Hoping to spot the runner! PM or email above address. Starting time/location flexible.

I gather the runner has a good set o personalities!?!? :wink:

Um, not sure about her personalities, but if there is an “ideal” running technique - this girl has it! Lithe and powerful, no waste, spectacular to watch.