Wednesday Night Girls (and gender challenged) Ride

Girls Ride

What: Chilled out ride usually ending in dinner/drinks/consumption of baked goods/Kristine’s cooking

Tuesday nights, 6.45pm

Meet at the top end of Brunswick St Mall in the Valley - Next to RG’s (Where everyone usually meets up for Thursday night rides)

Brisbane needs more girls on bikes plz ^.^. Any gf’s, friends, relatives - all femmes welcome. Get amongst it. Werd.

The gash mash!

The gap trap!

GOLD! :lol:

Just in time for Froctober as well Kim.

haha ‘gash mash’ I love it, I’ll be there!


have repeatedly asked my GF to join in - don’t think i will be able to wear her down in 24hrs.
have spread the werd but.


we shall do the dinner thing at my house this tuesday?
All pitch in should be good
but we do need more girls would be good! :slight_smile:

Gash mashers unite tonight. I think we should try a longer route : )

Delicious dinner and drinks at Kristine’s afterwards. Also, will be taking down fabric pattern ideas for cycling caps after the ride ladies, so come prepared with what you’d like.

Also, thinking heaps about doing rollerderby.

No gash. No mash.

Your last post dissapeared :cry:

Alright girls, need to get this ride in motion again.

Who’s in?

you guys should recruit the girl from grilled valley who rides the green masi speciale

Hells yes we will :smiley:

I shall stalk her tonight, lets hope she’s working. It will be extra creepy cos it looks like it’ll only be me riding. On my lonesome. Wow. Does anyone want to go for a ride tonight?

its fucking pouring where i am kim, but im itching to get on my bike after missing polo sunday, i have no gash but as long as its wet and slippery im there.

ill even wear a skirt just so i look equally creapy. haha.

sorry couldnt resist myself way too many fun to be had with one post… :expressionless:

Oh Shane. You are just too much.

hmm, just looking at the righteous BOM radar now, and I think i’m going to fail and bail. It looks nuts.

I might still stalk that girl from grill’d though.

hey hey hey hey,
Meet at Gear at 6.00-6.15 ? Tomorrow i will defs be there ok : ) have a route planned out :smiley: :smiley:

Shit, is it possible to have it earlier? I’m in the middle of re-scheduling my uni timetable but until then I’ve got a tute from 7pm - 8.30pm : ( how about as soon as you finish work?

Any other girls keen?

great ride this afternoon shall do it again next week probs?? hopefully maybe same route or a new one not fussed :sunglasses: