wednesday the 23/12/09

hi all so i was thinking we can do a Christmas BBQ on the 23ed as it is the last Wednesday before Christmas. it will be the same a last time Rolling out from the Cricketers from about 7:00 or 7:30 to north bondi to eat some food and have a good time. we will all chipped in for food/drinks but if you wanna bring something for yourself or to share, There’ll be meat eaters/vegan options as well.

great idea brad. we should spread the word next wednesday i guess.

I’m there, last BBQ was good, however I doubt I’ll be eating anything as the dentists are smashing my teeth into mash potatoe the day before.

Maybe i’ll steal all your tofu steaks.

is this open to everyone. that sounds like something i’d like to tag along on. i need to get the first ride under my belt. i have been talking about it for a while now.

i’ll bring prawns… beardy said something about bringing his webber so we can enjoy meat for real thins time…

i’ll colab with him… webber=steak no webber then it’ll be only prawns…

and potato salad of corse…

Of course mate. But you dont need to wait till then. come out this wednesday.

i will bring a whole lot of tofu and vegan things

We can still grab shit from the Bourke st coles like we’ve done the last few times too.
But they dont have the best range of vegan shit.

terriyaki tofu is so nice. if i go i’ll bring some

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This is not the place for squabbles and dirty mouths.

yeah dude i’m gonna try and get along both nights. i just live so far from the city. it’s a mission

the satay tofu was killer last time…

Yeah i think the tofu eaten to vego/vegan ratio was pretty disproportionate

Carnivores (omnivores?) have the best of both worlds…

I’ll bring my mini Webber along this time so we don’t have stewed steaks.
Can bring the following as well oil, paper towel, tongs, knife, couple of chopping boards and a massive eski.
If you and think of anything else let me know. I’ll bring my kombi down so i can just chuck it all in.

guess I’ll try the steak thing again…

i’m out unfortunately. back in melbs for christmas

I missed the last one, but the first one we did was great!

Will definitely be there :smiley:

Cause i’m driving the kombi down I can pick up a couple of cases should I get 2 or 3?


for the BBQ action: let’s plan on an early roll-out from the cricketers. zak and marcus are meeting us down at Bondi with steak, prawns and beer. Not sure what’s happening with vegan foodz but i think brad and lewis have that under control. It’ll be a matter of turning up and chipping in for stuff.

SO: let’s aim to roll out at 7 or just after. Maybe we can leave a note at the pub to tell latecomers to head straight to Bondi.

And spread the word.