Weekday/Weekend Rides

I want to meet more people who are keen to ride during the weekends or weekdays.

The wednesday fixed group ride is awesome, but I’d ideally love to have more people to cycle with on a regular basis.

After work (6pmish) weekdays and anytime during the weekend really.

If you’re interested PM me your number or post here!

Does this thread apply to fixed only? Or road, cx, touring, track, etc? Like the idea of having a general thread where we can put up our plans for rides so those interested can get on board.

I ride a single speed at the moment, i’m not a hater, just keen to ride with anyone! Road, ss, fixed etc.

Sounds like you should meet up SBC. You’ll find them on Facebook. They ride Thursday nights. Yes everyone this is a genuine post, no sarcasm intended.

Link please?
SBC search returns no decent results…

pls see the “group rides” thread… stickied for this exact purpose.

^ Sorry - lapse in concentration. I guess because noone updates in it that I never really saw it. I will start using that now.

i get a bit that way with the stickied threads too - hence why there’s still a “make your own spd shoes” thread stickied in the help section.

Hey I’m keen for Tuesday or Thursday night rides and speaking with Nick at Saint Cloud he said he was keen too.
Would do Wednesday nights but we have regular trick sessions on Sundays, and Monday and Wednesday nights.
I’ll watch here and let Nick know and maybe we just meet at Saint Cloud and go from there?

It’s a slippery slope Markee! I could be keen for the odd weeknight ride.

Cool Trigger I’ll post up when we keen to head out.
doomith probably not going to do this Tuesday but I’ll speak to Nick tonight and find out if he’s keen for Thursday.

Sounds rad, just give me a text :slight_smile:

Keen. finish work around 5, and work in the city.

I have a roadie and i haven’t been egged anywhere NEAR as much as i anticipated!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


<— That’s not it!

use this thread man. http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t11372-21/

I’ve been to an SBC night - they meet just across from the aquarium, in the grassy area at 7.30pm Thursdays.
I’ll be there this Thursday!

Also, I want to revive @BikeBUT that runs through Twitter. Different group, good people, fun rides.
Perhaps we could slot that into a Tuesday night?
There’s rides for almost all the nights of the week!

Also, I’d be happy to go for a Sunday ride most weekends.

Yeah, Dan and I did the SBC ride this thursday just been which was pretty awesome! Lot’s of stopping and starting and bike repairs but the ride was more an explore / adventure ride rather than smashing it to one destination and back.

I’m definatly going to go again, was awesome times. So we have a group ride for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday now. A Tuesday night one would be good. Now that the weather is slowly starting to get colder we should keep riding and only do a long break (for food etc) at the end, so people can leave before they get too cold. (Unlike the lucky coq ride haha).

Thoughts ?

Too much riding, not enough interwebz shit talking!

Slayer sucks ?