Weekly ride?

Hey guys, to my knowledge theres no weekly ride in Perth still going anymore, so anyone interested in attending a weekly ride please add this Facebook group: Perth’s Weekly Fixie Fix!

I dont have facebook but id be keen if its on saturday or sunday, day or night…

Awesome dude, I’m thinking a Sunday night actually… Any suggestions for where to ride? Close to the CBD would be ideal

I’m down for that. What type of ride? Just a cruise-ay. As long as we don’t ride past the Flying Scotsman the hipsters shoot deadly looks there haha

keen for any ride anytime any place,

infact about 7 of my mates this friday are meeting up and are going to go for a ride, not sure when or where but it will happen, just gonna get drinks and ride?

anyone is welcome will be meeting up around the mtlawly area. and probley ride into the city?

where abouts in mt lawley?



It would be great to get a regular ride together with a few pub stops or whatever iv got a few mates that would be keen for sure.

Im in. Always up for a roll.

to bad there aint any saturday or sunday night rides, i got shitty night shift friday night…

theres sunday afternoon rides in leederville

There are weekly perth rides actually, which i happen to run.

Check this site out, hope to see you all friday! Welcome to Facebook

Welcome to Facebook

Its on friday

Also for people that can’t do Friday, check out this Sunday afternoon ride from 12pm to 5pm! It has cruising and polo!

Welcome to Facebook