Weight Bench - Free to good home

Doesn’t really fit in any of the marketplace categories so i’m putting it here, Having a bit of a Kharmic cleanout at the Captain’s cabin. Olympic weight bench free to good home (but it’s in Beaumaris and you have to come and get it). Disassembles easily, could be carried in a hatchback or shoehorned into a sedan. Pretty good conditon but it’s blocking the Chi in my shed and has to go.

are you in melbourne??

Yes mate, Beaumaris. Bayside, next to Black Rock.

oh to be a fly on the wall at this meeting.

Just an idea which i stole from another forum, would it be an idea to have a ‘Pay It Forward’ thread? Essentially a thread dedicated to people who want to give away stuff, can be anything, dosnt have to be bike related, or it can strictly be bike related depending on mods decisions.

Might be a bit difficult with members all over the country, as when you’re giving stuff away its usually pick up only, but i guess if members are happy to post items they can?


Oh ye of little faith :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll take it off your hands. i live 10 min away from black rock . if next weekend isn’t too much of a problem. It should fit in the back of my car the seats fold down.

Done. I’ll PM my number.

Damn, I knew I should’ve been checking the forum over the weekend.

Also Brendan, I’ve not met CC but I’d think Cam’d get along with pretty much anybody in person.
Even perhaps your overly sarcastic self :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am the Scarlet Pimpernel of fixed.org

Idk if that’s a good thing, aren’t they the flowers that kill you if you eat them?

i’m not dissing. it’s always interesting to watch cultures collide.

Yeah bench presses FTW! We all know a stronger upper body makes you go faster on the bike- get on it kids!

I think Perko Jnr might press a weight occasionally.

Which cultures would they be?

haha yeah that one had me puzzled also!!

^pretty easy. Knuckle tatt culture and non knuckle tatt culture…

As if, CC has sweet knuckle tats.

^ should be 'fixed cog"…