weird bike dreams

we’ve all had them.

last night i dreamt my top tube was all droopy and crumpled like cellophane but still attached to the bike. weird! something else was wrong but i can’t remember what…

another one that stands out is the night my bike was built, i dreamt that someone stole it from outside a show then i was looking everywhere for it when i saw a guy down the road sitting on it but it was wheel-less and he was parting it out and i chased him and pleaded with him to give it back to me and tell me who he sold the parts to … more of a nightmare really!

share yours!!

I dreamt I fell off but didn’t get hurt :slight_smile:

I have falling over/off bike dreams probably 2 nights a week.
Usually I wake in a big thud that coincides with the fall in the dream. It used to stress me out a heap because I’d wake in such a shock, but now I just roll over.

My main recurring dream as a youngster was, I’d always get kidnapped by a guy driving a Lamborghini Countach and we’d speed off down the highway and I would be crying because I had a car book that I would study religiously that said the Countach was the fastest car in the world, so I knew nothing would ever be able to catch up with us.
The strangest part of the dream was it wouldnt always be as first person, sometimes it would almost take on an anime look with side angles and big cartoony speed lines coming off the car. I wish I still had that dream.

I dreamt I could do awesome wheelies.

I can’t even wheelie in real life. :expressionless:

I had a dream that a dead thread that was over a year old rose from it’s grave and tried to eat my brains…

Hey! I had that dream too.



I didn’t even notice.

Azz must’ve been bored.

Same here. In my dream I was hopping around and standing still on the back wheel no problem. It felt really good but real life attemtps end quite differently :frowning:

Fuck i always have dreams about riding, im always doing massive wheelies and pivoting on my back wheel keo styles everywhere haha.

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