weird crabon creaking

Hey guys, got my fuji resprayed a while ago, and I’m noticing a massive amount of creaking from my carbon forks. I was sceptical about stripping/respraying carbon, but the painter assured me that it would be fine.
I’m wondering if anyone knows the chance I have of surviving the year if I keep rolling on these forks.
Yes I did a search.
Do I call the frame painter?
Do I replace them?
Do I name and shame the company?
What do, guise?

how far back were they stripped?

No idea D:

take forks off, rebuild headset, grease interface points, fit forks and stem, ride for a few days and report back

what alexb618 said. Carbon doesn’t creak, and rust never sleeps, so its the interface of carbon and something else, prolly.

Alloy steerer? Check bond between steerer and forks/crown.
whip off the crown race and clean and replace - with some greasy goodness.
Rebuild headset? Make sure frame cups (top and bottom) are properly and firmly installed.
Ensure it isn’t the stem/steerer interface or stem bars interface (highly likely).
Handlebars correctly torqued? They’re not cracked and just waiting to kill you, are they?
Check frame for cracks around head tube or around welds or downtube mounting points. See above point.
My favourite. Remove front wheel, clean both fork faces and wheel axle stubs, dab a little grease on the axle stubs and redo. Oh, and clean and lube your QR lever too, if you use one.
Fresh underpants? Now go make sure it’s not really your saddle rails.

I’ll add a vote for this one, I had a Chris King front wheel with smooth faces on the axle ends - they creaked and groaned against the fork dropouts and drove me batshit crazy for weeks until I figured it out. A light squirt of WD down there periodically sorted it.

This too, or your seatpost. Sometimes things are not what they seem


who did you get to prep & paint carbon stuff by the way? (might be looking for something similar)

tonight/tomorrow, full headset rebuild/greasefest.
Thanks all, I’ll report back after tuesday night ride.

tonight/tomorrow, full headset rebuild/greasefest.
Thanks all, I’ll report back after tuesday night ride.

Make sure it isn’t your knees either.

those internal headset on the track pro’s are pieces of crap and can creak as loud as your grandparents doing it. they’d only ever last a few months in my fuji before it sounded like my frame was falling apart.

I’ve never ridden as hard nor fast as you sir, and yet I see entirely where you come from.
That said, put more grease in the thing than a cheeseburger, stall massive creak.
Replaced bolt on front wheel with quick release, sounds mysteriously disappeared!