Weird crash related injuries..

Got hit by a car (again) on route to work on friday morning, douchebag turned left into bike lane on st kilda rd, clippin my back tire leavin me confused & bruised on the road… that was (semi) fine, but woke up this morning with half a golf ball sized fluid lump just under right kneecap, it even sticks out the front of my jeans :slight_smile: … not sure if its bad thing but it looks kinda rad… chicks digs scars right?

Anyone else had weird injuries literally pop out, several days post a crash?

“half a golf ball sized fluid lump just under right kneecap”

errm, mate, hope you’re OK but I’d be having that checked out ASAP :expressionless:

Definitely get it checked. I had a slow (probably talking 12kmh) crash with a pedestrian. Felt fine apart from bad road rash on my left knee and a sore hand. After seeing the doc, scans found I had cracked my right kneecap (which had no signs of scrapes or injury!)

haha yeh i dont know if they dig random lumps though.

st.pats night riding home around 3am…drunk as ever randomly just fell onto my side. simply riding fine then all of the sudden on my side on the ground. anyhow cuts on my right elbow, hip, knee and ankle. the elbow graze is sort of an indented hole sort of thing and the hip has a nice lump right over the metal plate thats in there. always worry about falling on that (no im not 80, im just special)

not crash related but when i was about 15 i hurt my knee playing sport and spent around 2 days scooting around backwards on my arse while my mum told me to stop faking it and yes i had to still go to school.

finally got taken to the doctors and turns out i had split my knee cap.

mum felt bad and cried.

surgeons once took a peice of my jeans out from inside my thigh, it was in a perfect circle the same diameter of my handlebars, so i made it into a badge then some girl nicked it off me

I’ve got $1300 dollars worth of platinum coils in my spleen. true story.

so i know what to take when im rummaging through your corpse.

My guess would be:

Get it checked out!

yeah totally man!..

hang on what?!

Mine too.
I got one of them once from falling off my bike for no particular reason. It popped up three weeks later and didn’t go away for six months. It concerned me so I went to the doctor, that was a waste of time.

and this is why i get annoyed with people who dont use bar ends… core samples aren’t pretty or fun.

as a closet geologist, I disagree.



but i don’t see the correlation.

annoying injury news…

after falling ever so lamely at polo 6-7 weeks ago i still can’t run on my foot.

5 injured tendons later and if it don’t fix soon its mri or arthroscope time.


Years ago did something similar to this playing soccer. Locked my knee up unexpectedly and popped a sack of fluid or something (cant remember exactly what it was) behind my kneecap and it swelled up.
Go see a physio and they should be able to help. When I went to mine he gave me some simple exercises to do each day to strengthen up my knee again and then also did some work and ultrasound on it for a couple of sessions. It went down fairly fast and strengthened up in no time with the excerises. I’d definitely be going and getting it checked up- not worth the risk of causing further damage

The doc visit was waste of time … apparently it will disappear after unspecified weeks/months of waiting … doesnt hurt so will just have to live with it until then

The cuts to my ankle received in same crash tho (thanks metal bmx pedals!) have turned out to be whole other story… ankle got really swollen & infected pretty much overnight last night, now am on antibiotics & cant walk properly / wear shoes…

Fuck I cant wait til grand prix is over & they get all that shit off lakeside drv & I can stop having to commute down st kilda rd … this shit is all Jean Todt’s fault!

did you go to the doctor or the physio? I’d still suggest getting it checked by the physio if you haven’t already, might quicken up your recovery time