Weird Purple Crabon Frame

If this was my size, I would bid furiously.

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Can’t be a track frame like it says in the description though, cable routing and a fairly slack HT angle. Old triathlon/ time trial frame maybe?

Thought it was strange that a ‘track’ frame had cable routing

I was about to say buying it and turn it in to a pub bike, then I saw the price… Would anyone actually pay that amount of money for something like this?

There is a Nos Aegis frame in Melb for sale for $550 with fork…

Aegis made Carbon frames for alot of defferent companys including Basso, Ochsner

retrobike :: View topic - 1992 Aegis 56cm carbon nos

Someone should stab you furiously in the livers for making us all look at this shit.

If that’s how you think I should be punished for posting a link to a frame I find intriguing and thus wouldn’t mind owning, so be it. who’s going to volunteer?

You are the knob that would willingly bid furiously on something you have absolutely no idea about. Therefore you’re liver is wasted in keeping you alive.

Seeing as ‘furiously’ was largely hyperbolic and it’s too expensive for me, it was more curiosity that prompted me to post it, not a practical desire for it. Even if you misinterpreted my tone, it’s not like hostility is going to get anyone anywhere, especially on an internet forum

Dude you forgetting polly’s thread?

yeh, we’ve already got one of them, and I reckon we can nip this one in the bud.