Welcome to the new FOA on Discourse

Whats happened here? its all different?
I was just teling Rolly, i feel like i just got out of prison and everything has changed.
Pressfit, 12mm thru axles, PF30, fukn discord…

can i get my buy sell rights back? can you still buy sell here?
Just a bit overwhelmed. i gotta sit down a minute.

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Serious tho, how do I get my buy/sell privlages back?

I made a new account cos, I can’t login with my old one.

Anyway, let me know.

hey @Zach, can you suss this one out for ol mate shortsie?

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@Sh0rtsie should have access now he’s trust level one

YEEEEEEEEWWWWW :call_me_hand:


plot twist, nothing gets bought or sold here anymore

Uploading pics direct to the forum is A+.

Found lazy way to resize them to under 100kb is SMS them to yourself.

TC: Didn’t know it could do that.

So what’s the longevity on uploaded images?

lol this was only supposed to be for uploading avatars (less than 100kb) but well done for finding the loophole!!

How else do you upload images. I just thought that’s how you did it.
I’ve been uploading to FB to resize.
Been thinking 100k is a tad small…

you can change the file size limit to p much whatever you want, but if we (and by we I mean Nick J) are self hosting images, then we (and by we I mean FOA users) have to chip in real money to contribute towards the additional costs of hosting and serving them). and you can also set it to rehost linked images from elsewhere (which would have been great for the photobucket / flickr purges)

It will then let you either copy paste into the compose window, upload an image with the dialogue, or capture an image straight from your device’s camera. Problem is that modern smartfones are usually set to 0 compression 20+MP, so that’s a lot of 5+++MiB images that start getting hosted.

So… if @zach can setup an auto compress/resize to pull them down to a respectable filesize and @nickj is ok with it, AND enough people want to throw a few bucks a month at FOA, then sure, you can have magik image upload and never fuck with imgur/flickr/view-source-on-instagram again.

@Sh0rtsie outside of loopholing, you host elsewhere and paste the direct link to the image and discourse does the [img] type stuff for you.

The 100k doesn’t bother me really. But it’s a good explanation as to why

Also until now I’d been misreading it as
‘discord’ not ‘discourse’ spent like a good 20 mins last night trying to work out how to load the forum into the discord app LOL

‘add to home screen’ when you open in chrome on android, not sure about ios, then you have an icon that essentially loads the chrome mobile version of the forum but without the chrome address bar, other tabs etc.

yeah, discord, disqus, discourse. v confusing.

I wish links would open in a new tab when you clicked on them. Is this a setting I can change or is it a system thing?

Middle click or control (command?) click.

Are there that many posts to open more tabs!?

J&K to move up and down post list, O to open, alt left arrow to go back, G then L for latest, G then U for unread.

Paging @Zach for default to new tab?

Yeah that’s what I’m doing now, but on most other forums or Facebook or whatever I’m used to just clicking on them and they open in a new tab. It’s not a big deal, it just throws me each time



Easy! Thank you

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but that’s external links and threads… oh is that what you were asking pete? I was thinking about opening all new posts in separate tabs.

That is what I’m asking Blakey. Zach’s guidance has solved my issue

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