Welcome to the new FOA on Discourse

Can’t stop don’t wanna :bike: :gear:

Welcome to the all new all singing all dancing fixed.org.au!

Huge thanks to tech :mage: @Zach for migrating us across from vbulletin and @nickj for giving enough of a fuck to make it happen.

New stuff:

  • Emojis
  • Mention other users (type an @ then their name)
  • Easier embedding of video/photos/etc
  • Quick quote by highlighting the text and clicking/tapping quote
  • Massively reduced spam
  • keyboard shortcuts for pro level foruming (eg ‘g’ then ‘l’ will give latest posts, ‘g’ then ‘u’ for unread posts, j/k for jumping up/down. etc. Hit ‘=’ to open the hamburger menu and click on keyboard shortcuts to see them all.
  • Actual good working SEARCH functionality, to the post, not just the thread.
  • Light years better mobile view, no more scrolling/zooming in and out
  • More stable, lots of updates, tons of optional features should we want them (eg: if you want to upload photos by simply copy/pasting or taking a photo straight from your camera/phone gallery, we can do that, but it’ll increase storage/traffic so we’d have to pay for that somehow)
  • Group private messages, like an IG DM but without Zuck spying on you
  • Badges for the stamp collectors.

If you have discourse user questions, ask the following discourse pros:
@heavymetal @AL9000 @Zach @DaFROG

If you have login/user account issues, ask @nickj or @Zach, If the standard password reset doesn’t send you an email, 1) check your spam folder, 2) what email address did you sign up with? If you don’t have that email anymore, we can reset your email, just contact nick at fixed dot org dot au

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Nice guys! Digging the new look/feel.


loving the new private messaging features

Whats happened here? its all different?
I was just teling Rolly, i feel like i just got out of prison and everything has changed.
Pressfit, 12mm thru axles, PF30, fukn discord…

can i get my buy sell rights back? can you still buy sell here?
Just a bit overwhelmed. i gotta sit down a minute.

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Serious tho, how do I get my buy/sell privlages back?

I made a new account cos, I can’t login with my old one.

Anyway, let me know.

hey @Zach, can you suss this one out for ol mate shortsie?

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@Sh0rtsie should have access now he’s trust level one

YEEEEEEEEWWWWW :call_me_hand:


plot twist, nothing gets bought or sold here anymore