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Why hello there again.
Today, as I was riding, for some reason I stuck my hand on the seat stay of my bike, and felt that the weld had come apart, and it wasnt connected to the rest of my bike.
So, to say I freaked was an understatement.
Now, I know alot of bike repair people, but when it comes to a serious weld, well, I’m a bit in the dark.
In my haste, after a google search, I found The bike bar in fitzroy, and the dude quoted me 130 to rejoin it.
I didn’t really think twice about it, cause, I don’t wanna be bikeless for too long.
But if this happens again, does anyone know someone they think is amazing, has anyone had any repair work done by jesse at the bike bar? am I paying a good price for the weld to my seat stay?
His workshop looked pretty great, I could have looked at all the frames for hours…

What’s the frame,
I wouldn’t just patch up the tube with a weld, you really should have the whole tube replaced else you will likely end up with a snapped seat tube wedged firmly in your colon

ask a frame builder. paconi, perkins, you choose.

Jesse is the absolute best, imo! I reckon he’s a great guy, too.

The only thing is that sometimes he takes a while to get things done. But the quality is top notch!

Thanks for the info guys.
And kev, I thought he was a really nice guy too.
Which is pretty refreshing from all the bullshit that passes for customer service these days.

I would be more than happy getting Jesse to fix the frame he may take his time but he knows his stuff. For basic repairs John at grip sports is also good for small frame repairs.

Jon specialises in Aluminium welding - any number of framebuilders (including Grip) can do a good job on your steel frame but Jon knows Aluminium the best, IMHO.

  • Joel


Jon did some ridonkulous mods to an aluminium Giant AC frame I used to have

And did a crazy 8" disc brake mount fabrication for a trials bike I used to have.

  • Joel