Well it's fixed with electricity

And it’s on my christmas list

Scalextric Micro Scalextric Team GB Track Cycling Velodrome Set


Wait for the Australian version, it’ll be faster.

fixing a flat tubular would be even more impossible now…


That would make a good night all racing on it.
Have to be betting of course, could this be the new roller racing.

Nah, what you do is when you get knocked out of roller racing you enter the scaletrix pool. :slight_smile:

So I would be first up then and get poll.

only if you found the venue the day before

I do have direction problems.
But unlike marty i keep rubber side down.

this is true

I had to order one too- but only after you got me thinking that I will have to make some rollers to put on the infield :slight_smile:

Got it- using heat shrink coverered brass tube for the rollers- turn up some plastic ends with holes drilled through the middle for the M2 axles with nylocs onto a the plastic girder frame- rubber band belt.
Power will have to be via a small section of track mounted on the frame…can’t do much until I get the kit and know the exact size.
I need to get a life obviously :frowning:

Buy some Humbrol enamel and a little brush from Hearn’s Hobbies and paint one of them green & gold.

So time to resurrect my original thread- and no decided not to paint the originals- and yes would like the legs to go around, the wheels do.
I bought some bmx bikes from k mart and they have working transmission- but had problems getting them to work with the spare chassis i bought- need to remove one of the cranks- getting the legs to move is an whole different ball game- working on that too.
Boy too much time on my hands :slight_smile:

Can we all make little versions of ourselves? That way when its raining on a Tuesday night we can come over and still compete.

Who is going to make a little Billy!?