Well priced Concorde.

Xe.com tells me that it will be $474au plus shipping. Not bad really.

Concorde Rennrad komplett Shimano 105 Columbus bei eBay.de: Fahrr

damn, too big!! i’m guessing it says 59cm, ideal for someone approx 185cm… i don’t know any german however!

can’t quite figure out if they’re willing to ship to oz either.

Anyone here sprechen sie Deutsch?

With shipping that could be landed for about $600 right? Hmmmm…

When I got my Concorde I just used google translate and managed to work it all out and get it shipped over here fine. Hell cheap as well!

All you need to know that is Weltweit = worldwide.

I stand corrected. someone taller than me buy this already

If it was running Dura Ace I would have already pulled the trigger. (then flipped the frame!)