went looking for fixies to many to decide

hey ive been looking at getting a fixie for about 6months and still trying to decide to build one from a old steel frame bike or buy something like a se draft. but im wondering if highten frames are really that bad??

and has anyone had experiance with reid cycle bikes? or dr fixie? off ebay they have good specs but price seems quite low. has anyone know of decent chromo frames?

build one out of broom sticks.

Witch ones?

no quiditch ones like this

this is a copy paste of another spam post I have read.

make one yourself, the knowledge you get from doing so is invaluable
i’ve got a nice frame to get you started!
sandblasted, sprayed black, tange headset and bottom bracket (all of which increase street cred)

400 dollars. bargain.

Dr fixie can’t even put a seatpost in the right way…

for instant street cred, buy one of these


i hear they’re great…

i’m thinking there might need to be a minimum membership period imposed, before being allowed to post threads … this is getting fkn ridiculous

normally i’d lock this thread asap, but i have decided to throw this one to the wolves. as a warning to all of their kind.

Good suggestion. Maybe a probation period? Or a straight up ban?

hopefully the ‘new buyer’s guide’ thread will solve this problem. at least a little bit.

ever the optimist, hey brendan?

str8 up banz yoooo

no point screwing around i guess

indeed. i like to think people are capable of not being annoying fucks.


extra lols here - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Reid bicycles

Seems Reed bikes is real - But lots of spamalicious noob posts on BNA.

Can’t seem to find anything after a minute of searching for 'Dr Fixie off ebay". So I’m going to assume he/she doesn’t exist.

What the fuck people, this is a public cycling forum - Keep your snide comments, bullshit and off topic rhetoric to yourselves. This place has been going down hill for a long time - And the mods and everyone else are getting really sick of it


fucken lol @ alex

i think this is everyones new favourite reference