Werewolves of Brisbane 2014

Is anyone up for a Werewolves of Brisbane ride? A thread search shows the last was in 2011 (http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f21/werewolves-rides-2011-a-21130/) - there must have been some informal ones since.

The idea is, on a full moon Saturday night, get the last train down to the Gold Coast, ride into the Goldie for a hot choc, then ride back to Brisbane on the V1. A bit over 100km. Finish up at a spot like the Pancake Kitchen for a re-carb.

Upcoming full moons are 12 July (tomorrow!), 11 Aug (Mon), 9 Sep (Tue), 8 Oct (Wed), 7 Nov (Fri), 6 Dec (Sat). Votes?


I cant recall If anyone did it last year, Scott and Shirts and go did it last time.

Its meant to be in the middle of winter but it always got changed or moved etc.

then we did one that wasn’t in winter and some girls got their knickers in a twist and went all negative and killed the vibe braaaaap

lets do one next full moon? sat 9th August is one day before the full moon, called it.


#canibringmyroadie #whatistheaveragespeed #whatshouldiwear

only thing about a Fri/Sat night is the drunk drivers. Midweek is possible, if you can sleep at your desk the next day.

Out of interest… Whoever ends up running this show check the train line closures!!! We got semi stooged last year. I am happy to poster/ spoke card again.

In the years past i dont think they have had any issues with drivers in the past, they either get rained on or have a million flats

that time ollie did it in jeans and a knitted sweater

Fvck cars. Flick midweek. The pub won’t be open at 2am on a Thursday morning. Plus that date matches with the moon, which is kind of the point right?

I remember that one. We were just passing the top of southport when the rain started hammering down. There was also the one where one of the boys had to get a taxi from Helensvale back to Brisbane and it ended up costing him ~$200. I’ll consult the diary but am keen for another crack at this.

I’m keen to have a go, I’ll be riding fixed so if I’m too slow / my legs die I’ll call the wife for a pick up or find a train.

so i was thinking about this today and just realised that it’s nek weekend and the trains are fekkked at the moment I believe, sooooooooo sat 6th of sep is the next window (full moon on the 9th…)

I’m in, and i’d be happy to entertain the idea of a return trip as per last time, given that as it stands currently (and this may have changed in a month) you gotta get a bus from park rd to beenleigh… sooooooooo anyway is anyone keen still? douglyfdadmcearlypants do a poster…

Fack fixed, taking my roadie.

ill come for a spin to help make some numbers

I might actually have a crack at this one this year


I should be in pending Emma making plans for my b’day dinner. I’ll run fixed (all I have), I’m happy to drop off if I can’t keep up/need a saucer of warm milk.

Can’t do next weekend but can do sept, keen to ride down and up on gears.