Werewolves rides 2012

hey Gypsy… i think you’ve stated the meet time as 7am@ Cavill Ave on the Gear website. Will you be doing the werewolves ride this weekend?

if so, he’ll be waiting a long time

fixed it.

Yeah started a new thread for 2011 Werewolves.



it has been a while, but that’s a harsh call

try again dude

I been in rehab.

awwww in that case, legitimate reason

They said it wasn’t addictive :frowning: Hahaha. Nah I’ll be there on the old Visp. Pumped!

weather permitting i’m in. I’ll be on the last carraige coming from the Norff-Side

come on Goose - you know all too well that werewolves rides inevitably entail rain… it’s a given

it will not rain. i said so.

excellent - thanks Scott

can you also ensure it’s a nice 23 degrees during the ride?

i prefer 21

i’ve also arranged a southerly, ok with everyone?

let’s split it and go with 22 - with the wind chill factor provided by Scott’s promised southerly, I think you’ll cope

someone asked about spares, bring a couple of tubes, patch kit, pump/C02 + adaptor, wheel nut spanner, allen keys.

most people will have their own, but if you get a flat and you’re not with the main group for whatever reason you’re fucked sort of

and appropriate clothing. i’m getting my dad on a bit here but i’m just stating the obvious in case its not obvious. i’ve got clear lycra onesie all laid out already, and i’ll be stoked to be on the front of the line all night.

see you tonight tiddly winks, and don’t get busted boozing on the train.

righto grandpa