Werewolves rides 2012

ooh yes hey ronald

im great with kids too

hehe or…

Sorry to end Macca’s laughs, but do all you guys run jerseys n stuff or a more casual t-shirts n shorts thing? Sorry for the gay attire question but I didn’t be the only one in bike gear. It is 100k’s n all. Feel free to dump shit on me for this when we all meet tonight.

i will be lycra cladding myself… wear whatever brah!!! i’d be in my best rigid bloke if only i had some

This shitty looking weather is making me feel ok about being a hermit. Not sure if I’m in anymore.

what shitty weather? suck it up!

Fully. 30% Chance of 1mm - 5mm of rain and 12km - 15km ENE breeze says BOM

First casualty…two flats and a rounded off axle nut by Cavill Ave. I’ve run up the vwhite flag, sent the boys on without me and called up the support crew.

Saw the lads near nerrang, assume a stop for repairs?

^^ his first flat

good ride, gentle pace, most of us pretty much cruised all the way.

irawan put in a pretty big effort, he was in the “red zone” for anything remotely uphill but pushed through and got it done

cheers lads!

Yeah cheers boys, good night.

I was running on Empty from Mt Gravatt onwards. The big cramp on my calf limited my rpm, which was already low anyway. And to round it off, My rear had a flat after Archive. Had to push my bike all the way home, with a big smile on my face for still being alive!

Thanks guys for bearing with my limited abilities… These chicken legs will keep growing :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah was a great ride. really needed to have geared up a bit for it though. just didnt have enough inches going round.

great effort to return!

I was pissed off!!!

Spent 2 hrs playing around with my bike getting it ready in the morning,
went down & bourght a new $150 headlight, picked up some Pasta for some carbo loading
for lunch… Lasted about an hour after that! Crook as F%$k!! Suspect Italian

Pissed off!

Hey to guys that took a few flix the other night, ya recon you post em up in the ride photos thread or here or whatever. Wouldn’t mind having a look, wanna put that shot of the bikes on the train up on my desktop. Cheers