Werewolves rides 2012


here’s one on the train to Nerang

a sonik a mash a vigorelli and a sword? do i win?

EDIT: no, not a sword? a low pro maybe?

wrong and wrong


Nup, one more strike n your out.

red gives up

Never give up.

Just lay low for a while, change you name, and come back as a man.


on a side note, looking for google image for paul… wtf is this!!!



PERTH!!! :slight_smile:

for the win.

yeah i knew id seen that headbage recently, just couldnt put my turducken on it

Double thumbs up for the likeness. Now where’s the rear end shot.

if either of you had come for a pedal there wouldn’t be any need for guesswork!

if it cant be said with google images, it aint worth saying…

and i kinda did ride sat night, just went mad loner styles out to loganholme and back. i saw a guy out there that wasnt breaking into anything at all…

That could just be my rear end.

i know my sponsors…