wet weather shoe solutions

looking for something to keep my feet dry when it is raining.
I’ve seen various shoe covers, but I’m not sure if they will work with straps.
What do you do to keep your feet dry?

With clipless it’s easy, just get shoe covers.

Would be a pain with clips/straps, so you could either nikwax/snoseal your shoes, put plastic bags over your socks, take a spare change of shoes/socks…

Fenders will make a huge difference too.

There’s a gap in the fixie market- Vans waterproof shoe covers for strap pedals haha!

Oh, you reminded me, I’m sure I’ve seen “clips” that were shrouded in fabric before for cold winter hipster riding… nikcee?


Kucharik Traditional Toe Warmer

those are an example of them… theres a few others that are similar. i also know people who use the neoprene toe covers with their vans and just sew a patch over the toes to reduce wear. i’ve cloth taped the front of my clips to reduce shoe wear already.

Even clipless pedals with covers , feet dont stay dry that long. +1 to fenders.

Unfortunately most gore-tex or similar lined shoes are mostly made for the hiking or trail-running market – mine are all way too bulky to get into clips. But they’re good on a MTB.

Seal-skin waterproof / breathable socks are good and work well combined with a low-profile shoe that will dry quickly, such as Dunlop Volleys (better than Vans for wetting through / drying / trashing in the wet). Many outdoor shops sell seal-skins, but you might have to get them to order in the thin non-hiking versions. Wiggle also sells them.

If you do find a waterproof shoe, you can get short waterproof running gaiters from most good outdoor shops – these will cover the tops and stop your shoe filling with water.


everything else is just delaying the inevitable soggy socks and shoes for a rainy kilometre or two

two pairs of converse/vans + two pairs of socks… ones for riding and the ones to change into.

or just walk around in wet shoes its kinda fun the squelching, just like waterbeds for you feet.

Cover your shoes in electrical tape.
used black tape on my cons a while ago…
Even though it was done to hold them together.

I use these. expensive but warm and weatherproof. Apparently there’s a clipless model in the works

I tried those but found it really difficult to get my foot through the opening at the back.

The old school ghetto way is to cut a corner off a plastic shopping bag. A small triangle about 10-12cm, like a little pocket. Slip this over the front of your foot over the sock but inside the shoe. You’re covering the front of your foot in effect … keeps off most of the moisture and helps take some of the chill of the part of your feet that is most likely to get chilly. Costs fark all … is re-usable and easy to carry as a just in case :wink:

Everything else either gets complicated or costs too much. This might work for you.

Almost, the plastic is inside my shoes and I was never officially black :wink:

(otherwise you win)

If only South Australia didn’t have a plastic bag ban!

Otherwise, carry spare shoes.

might have to do the plastic bag trick for now, going to borrow eeno’s SPDs when he is away and see how they feel.

Hah – a few years ago I rode home in a pair of La Sportiva mountaineering boots. I was just about to head off on a climbing trip and had heaps of new kit I had to carry home, and I couldn’t carry the massive boots on my back. Pretty hard going – felt like I had three bricks strapped to each foot.

Leather, VANS slip ons. Or else these…
Leather ERAs