what a joke.

this guy. starting price $800.

Restored Eddie Merckx Fixie/Single speed road bicycle. | eBay

Built by Jervis Bay Bespoke Bicycles. Our bike mechanic has 20yrs experience in bicycle workshops. We have not used ebay before and thought it might be a great way of selling our excess stock left over from the holiday season. Our bicycles are made to an extremely high standard and quality, with many customers comment that they are paying half the price they do in Sydney.

I would not be putting a bicycle shops name to this abortion.

“Eddie” Merckx… I wonder if he has any Calnogos? Tommysinis?

What is sad is that someone will probably buy it…

check out his other stuff.

this starts at $1000:

Cover your eyes…

^ if I ate a kilo of peas,and drank a litre of lemon lift, waited an hour and puked , I couldn’t produce something as fugly as that.

haha the jokes on all of you for clicking on the Kermit ebay link!

My internet explorer went crazy, but this pic still makes sense

Shifterbikes censors my internet!

HA HA HA HA vomz

someone has to message this guy and ask for the serial num on the merckx to verify it as bonafide.

My parents live up the road and I’ll probably be down there over Easter…might wander into this Jervis Bay Bespoke Bicycles and see what he’s got. <cue canned laughter>

He’s bought from the best though!
Black 80’s

that’s some interesting frame clearance on a 700c wheel for that merckx. Didn’t realise that merckx was still making 28" wheeled bikes then.

also love the anodised blue quick release seat clamp lever. nice touch.