What a legend (ebay)

CAMPAGNOLO CYCLING CAP HIPSTERS DREAM FIXED TRACK FIXIE - eBay Hats, Clothing, Cycling, Sport. (end time 03-May-10 20:10:01 AEST)

Love it how you read it, then you see 5 bids. hahahahah

way to go alex. Its all down to the descriptive prose. are you clearing the deck for big chippers expected bounty from the land of nippon. I used to sell worn out kneescapers for moto’ leathers for the same price as new ones. go figure.

i like how the seller added

item is used


Oh alexb618, you make me LOL.

Oh wait… Underground Tapes?

Now THAT takes me back a few years.

cant believe it took you guys a week to find this

my favourite part is it sold for more ‘used’ than i paid for it ‘new’