what are these?

what you call these bars called?
and what you all think of them?


They’re called strangling gloves… oh the bars? :wink:

I’d hazard a guess they are TT bars fitted upside down, otherwise taken from a ladies bike.

They look like upside down bullhorns to me too.

If you’re after something similar, look at Nitto Promenade.

If they were TT bullhorns wouldn’t they also have a short angled section at the ends? I have some Profile Airwings that do.

They look like bog standard city-bike bars to me. I put a chromed steel pair that are almost identical on a bike recently.

my bet:

nitto RB021, flopped and chopped.

You’re overcomplicating it. Occam’s Razor means they’re probably standard citybike bars. You’ll find them on heaps of ladies 10 speeds. (Unless, he’s a citybike-vigilante and that brake lever isn’t a CLB inverse lever, but a TT lever, and he rides around at night strangling fixedgearfreestlyers drunk on PBR & Sparks.)

They’re girly bars… HTFU!

EDIT: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Harden the Fuck Up

oh thanks thats real kind.

You missed the implied smiley. It’s a joke not a personal attack.

Much like ‘buy another bike’.

Sorry mate, no offense intended. It’s an oldie here. Get the bars, enjoy the ride but just don’t order a decaf, soy, maccachino at your cafe stop. :wink:

spot on bevan

Similar, “Promenade” bars, kookiebikes.com

dont make me repeat, i only drink orange mocha frappucino

next time i shall add my own emoticons, love that word.

btw how many of you people are addicted to fixed? i think i have become. sad i havent even completed my build, but im young and innocent :-P, poor, yet keen. anyway you guys shattered my dreams to put ladybars on my bike, i shall now chuck on the old bull horns for “an instant fixie”. na not really risers for me :slight_smile: