What are these?

And do I need them??

I was just cleaning up my frame and wondered whether i actually need these things or if they’re just un-necessary clutter.

#1 - Used for stand right?



#1 - Kickstand.

#2 - Fender and rack mounts. I’d keep them on there.

Definately don’t take the stand brace off, if anything it’ll make the frame a bit stronger. Do what you want with the fender mounts.

Or 2. Dropouts- fairly important for holding the wheels onto the bike frame! :evil:

  1. Buy a new bike
  2. as above.

whats that supposed to mean?

Run a search for “Buy a new bike”…you’ll soon get the gist.

still don’t get it…

It’s a standard response when they’ve got nothing useful to say.

ok, well now i know…

If in doubt, cut them off and see what happens.