What bars are these?

Hi im after some new bars for my wifes bike.
Always loved this build .
Any idea on what bars these are.
Corsa Ragazza

They look a bit like nitto promendae bars

They look very similar to some generic cheapy alloy ladies bars we have here at HPC.

I looked at the promenade, VO does a replica aswell.
These ones seem to be a normal style riser but a more aggressive sweep back.

Nitto Albatross are great, but these look like a generic. Or Cinelli. :wink:

My GF has a similar shaped generic bar… but I wouldn’t say they were a ‘ladies’ bar. If you ever ride a set of bars like this, you’d wish you had them too!! So comfortable/fun.

Rooster pm’d me almost the exact ones.

Yeah, fair point. Maybe more touring than ladies. Regardless, you’re right. They’re so damn comfortable!