what bearings?

hey all… not sure how much i can be helped… but i just grabbed a low flange front a rear set of campy hubs.

they read S-U England 1370" x 24 tpi BSC

now being new to all of this I aint got a clue what that means… I have just managed to recondition the front hub and it is spinning nice a smooth. but the rear i need bearings as it has none and I am not sure what size to get or what type of hubs I got…

any advice would be greatly appreciated…??

also there is something about regreasing and assembling a hub and polishing the little bugger til you can see your face!!!

This refers to the axle threading.
It will probably take 1/4" ball bearings, 9 a side.

See Dan at shifter bikes.

He can hook you up with the right bearings plus provide some nice smooth Phil Wood grease and show you how to shine those puppies right up.


was gonna go down to shifter today but just found out they are shut… monday I say!!

can anyone say what campy front hub is from this photo as i am clueless and you could sell me a coke bottle telling me it is phill wood hub and i’d believe ya!

Dont know but it looks pretty f$%&#*! shiny.

saturday nights and being sober for 9 weeks and counting gives you that extra bit of time… and i have polished my knob raw so i though the hub would be a nice project inbetween!



Whats your (hub) polishing method?

just back and forth with a few circler motions thrown in for goodluck!

a lot of grunt and teeth gritting…


and some good old silvo and a shamie…

gappy, hate to tell you mate, but that is actually a coke bottle dressed up as a campagnolo hub… i will pm you my address, where you can send it to me, and i’ll take it to campy personally and complain on your behalf. i’m the closest to italy out of all of you, so it makes the most sense, so no complaints.

looking forward to to the package.


bugger… you think coke will give me 5 cents for the return of the bottle?

Only in SA.

Is that a fork or a stand?

a giant carbon fork…

just dropped in to see Dan also… nice bloke indeed!!

I got an even shiney hub after a little more elbow grease…