What bullhorns are these?

<img src=“http://www.kalavinka-bikes.com/picture/wonderland/2006111701.jpg” alt="" border=“0” />
They look like Easton Pista bars flopped and chopped (and sanded to a rounded finish). If these are for sale by Easton i’d buy one in a flash.
BTW - heaps of great photos and a nice kavalinka messenger bag at www.kavalinka-bikes.com

I was going to say Easton. I doubt they make them, but if they do, i’m going to email them and tell them how that ‘grip ridge’ on a bullhorn looks fucking stupid, not to mention impractical.

Otherwise that bike looks ok, except one small thing… cyclocomputer magnet on the spoke? Hmm.

My guess is some 'tard has actually flipped and chopped a pair of Easterns. I wish I had that kinda money to throw around, destroying $400 bars willy-nilly :cry:


yep, theyre flipped and chopped nanotube eastons… what a fucking joke. i wonder if he can feel that extra oversized stiffness when he’s hanging on to the 4" of grip left over?
that bike is completely opposite to pretty much anything i like in bikes. the only thing that i kind of like on it is the seatpost tip.

The chainring bolts ain’t so bad.

neither is the bb.

you guys have totally overlooked that spoke. yes, singular.