what crankset?

just wondering what cranks you guys recommend?

i was wanting to get something like middleburn rs8 uno (but can only seem to buy square taper now and i think i wanna go isis…)
any recommendations for a low profile and weight crank?

Zipp vumachrono

Look Zed cranks

Road, track, MTB?

It’s in the CX/MTB section so I’m guessing MTB unless I’m mistaken. EDIT- Or is it legit to use road/track cranks on a CX/MTB?

mtb :slight_smile:

so wanna run a 32t at the front… the middleburns can run a 29t at the front allowing an even smaller rear sprocket…

Truvativ Stylo’s. Tough as Sylvester Stallone.

Shimano XT, bulletproof.

isis/howitzer sucks, although i have these cranks on my polo bike (they are also actually splined and you can remove the spider and use a splined chainring if you want):
Gravity Xtreme Bash DH2 Chainset - ISIS | Buy Online | ChainReactionCycles.com
extremely cheap, in fact all of the gravity cranks on crc are ridiculously cheap at the moment.
I wouldn’t actually use them if you intend on smashing down rock gardens, i’ve heard of a few people bending the arms.

RaceFace Deus…


This is stupid. Small rear cogs are stupid. Run a min of 16T AT THE BACK. This prevents any slippage but also means you have more teeth engaged at once = less wear/strain.

Further more on this shimano SLX’s. Cheaper and stiffer (also heavier)

I’ve got a set of SLX’s in the forsale section if you’re keen. Straight of a new bike.

ISIS died a slow and painful death a few years back. All about the press fit these days.

Profiles with Imperial chainwheel, come in 1 tooth increments.
+1 on 16T or more. More wrappy wrappy, less breaky breaky.

Money no object, XTR M985 Race??

i’m small and weak and was currently planning on running 32:18 (from the stock 32:20 how i bought the bike)… but i like the idea of 29:16 or 15…
sounds like i should just stick with 32:18 for now…

i disagree, smaller front & rear combo on mtb gives you better clearance

i’d give up a bit of extra wear on the chain for more clearance

If we are talking singlespeed, on a 29er (for me) 32/18 is the ducks gonads.
26er, make it 32/16.

you mean “which” crankset