What do you guys want in a frame?

I’m looking for a pursuit frame, not a trick. A bike that I can commute everyday in the city. And I’m still looking for a good frame with a cheap price.

I’ve done some research in the net. Most of the frame were built with 4130 Chromo, or *** Reynolds (can’t remember). But the price…God! They differ so much! So what’s the point of buying expensive frame if it’s just made with the same material? Are we buying just the brand? (I’m not brand sensitive btw)

And geometry. What do you think the best geometry for pursuit frame? I’m into a horizontal top tube (I don’t know how to explain it :roll:. But if you see Charge Scissor, the top tube is a bit incline, don’t like it, Charge Plug is what I mean, horizontal top tube)

Any suggestion for frame below AUD500? I think Nabiis and Eighthinch are pretty good. And maybe Affinity.

I think you might have your terminology a bit confused – a pursuit frame has a sloping top tube (and often takes a 650c front wheel). A horizontal top tube is normal – just call it a frame. If you are looking for an everyday commuter then yes, an ordinary horizontal top tube will be better and more comfortable for you.

As for price, while I’m no expert, there is more to build quality than merely the material used – eg welding. And, in any case, 4130 cromo broadly covers the metal used but not necessarily the tubing itself – there are other differences in thickness and weight of the tubing. Even then, cromo can vary according to proportion of differing metals (carbon, manganese, chrome, moly). Reynolds is a company that makes a range of tubing of differing metals, weight, strength, stiffness and cost – eg there is a big price (and performance) difference between Reynolds 520 and 531 or even Reynolds 953.

If it is your first bike and for commuting then you probably can’t go too wrong really. Buy a cheap-ish frame now, ride it, then figure out what you like and if you want to spend more. There is a bit of discussion on these forums on the Eighthinch – and it is generally considered to be excellent value.

My recommendation would be to just make sure that whatever you buy has standard measurements – wheel spacing, BB shell, seat-tube diameter, steerer tube – to make sure you can upgrade easily to a range of readily available parts. Also check how much toe overlap there is – as you might not want this for your first ride.

Also – have a look at Gear Brisbane’s site, they sell a range of frames at good prices and are excellent dudes to deal with. They will be able to answer many of your questions too.

And each of the tubesets is most likely available in a range of different thicknesses.
eg. Reynolds 853 is not ‘one’ tubeset. It comes in 3 or 4 different (or maybe more?) dimensions.

Still have to learn about the welding thing tho. Btw, thanks for the info.

Another thing, what do u guys think about the “parts made in Italy / States / UK vs parts made in China”. I think parts made in China will ride just the same.

No they won’t.

sam is right. it’s the taiwanese bikes that are really taking off at the moment.

Brendan is correct.

i pay attention!