What do you love about polo? - let's have a happy thread

Let’s talk about the things that we love about polo rather than the things that piss us off.

I love ridiculous pre-game photos with MPS (thank you Ollie)
I love my team mates - you guys are awesome!
I love seeing Ray playing with the Triple Dutch Rudders and having so much fun. Never thought I’d see you drinking beer mid-game
I love FixieGC
I love my new and old friends from all over Australia

What do you guys love?

i’m just in it for the beer

this is the best thread ever

coopers pale
pick up
GOOD sledging
bike fiddling (you know what i mean…)

  • hugging it out

texta tattoos
johnson disapproves stickers
dicks drawn on everything
jordan’s purple pants
donny’s random crashes

bbq’s at tournaments.
making stuff
scoring an own goal
travelling for games that turn out to be the best of times

Definitely the sledging and watching really skilled riders do bullshit moves

Playing even though you shouldn’t be playing (either through injury, mechanical, or weather)

Or all of them, like this:

Having a huge crash (accident), looking over to the person you crashed into and both laughing your head off

Serious group photos

Seeing how fast this sport has progressed in 3 years is the one of the reasons why I love it.

We used to use wooden 2x4 mallet heads attached to bunnings aluminium pipe and gold clubs. There was carnage and everyone’s bikes got fucked up. Infact, the first time I rocked up to polo I didn’t even get to play because this happened:

Seeing the level of skill involved now is amazing, 3 years ago I would have never imagined the amount of teamwork involved in play. Everytime i go to a tourney I see something new. Just 8 months ago I was mind fucked when Jamie picked the ball up with his mallet and started waving it around. Wheelie pivots from Lewis and hopping around is another newish development for me not to mention, scooping, lob passing and new callouts; this game is nuts! I LOVE IT!

not to mention, I can now go to any city in Aus and have a bed to crash at, met so many amazing people and created friendships through the mutual love of polo. I’m sure I could go to europe, let the local polo club know in advanced and have a bed to stay at. The polo community is epic.

wipes tear from eye

DEFINITELY +1 to laughing after an epic crash. oh, forgot to mention bleach too.

Throwing shoes.

liver poisoning

heheh… bleach… :slight_smile:

Inspiring children… sure he hasn’t been back for a while but neither have a lot of Sydney players - maybe they have started a break away league

How yelling out “penis” never fails to make someone choke and miss a goal

The blatant sexual innuendo in most of the terms:
reach arounds
not in the face
inject yourself