What do you love about polo? - let's have a happy thread

you forgot “i’m coming on your backside”

I love that pink shirts, bedazzling and short shorts are all acceptable.
I love group hugs with stinky men and women.
I love when noobs score crazy goals.
I hate not being able to sleep for a week leading up to a tournament because you are so excited.
I hate polo being presented as a kooky sport in the media.
I hate saying goodbye to polo friends.

X2 to saying goodbye to polo friends.

I love rules…

But seriously… I like bikes, and I like friends, so yeah…


I’m rather fond of the way the pain lessens when you peel yourself off the tarmac.

On a serious note, I love the community mindset that accepts and involves everyone regardless of age or ability. It’s rather unusual.

and regardless of sex. Although very male dominated, polo is one of very few sports that is always mixed (without separate boys and girls comps)

even lawn bowls isnt mixed!!!

i love polo reunions. (come to london)

V, we are having a ‘mostly ladies’ tourney at the end of summer for all the euro ladies… (think we will allow teams of all girls and mostly girls… we’re not strict on it, but we want a critical mass of girls in a tourney, because there are LOADS that play, but not loads that turn up and compete…).

swing by on the way home from seattle? :slight_smile:

I love that you can use a 2 x 4 mallet, a kerb and 2 drunk idiots to bash Prawi’s wheel straight again and still have him turn up again next week.
I love that 2 x 4 mallets went the way of the dinosaur.
I love injecting myself in your face and coming on your backside.
I love that I can be away for two weeks and rock up playing like a muppet but no one seems to care because it’s another player keen for polo.
I love Sundays with beer, friends, sun and polo.
I love tournaments with beer, new friends, old friends, sun and polo.

I hate to keep fixing my bastard bike on Mondays due to my bicycle disrespect (time to stop throwing it in instead of the mallet maybe?).

I also love stealing Design Jerks posters for desktop pics.

Thanks for the Long live desktop fella! :smiley:

That sounds really good and I would love to but I really can’t take that much time off work :frowning:

We actually played an all girls game at Nationals. It was great actually having enough girls playing to be able to do that for once

Why are there no posts by Melbourne players in the happy thread?? We’ve got Sydney, Brisbane, GC, Adelaide, Perth and London represented.

Come on Melbourne!
Isn’t there anything you guys love about polo :slight_smile:

i love causing a ruckus on the court and on the forums :slight_smile:

i love you doing that too

I love a close game and playing hard but fair
Losing a match and still having the best time
Scoring a last second goal
Wheely goal that doesn’t end in a faceplant
Seeing huge bruises turn purple, blue, yellow, fade
The friends I’ve made in each city
I love that everything is equal, anyone can use whatever bike/mallet/gloves/wheels they want
I love that pickup polo is still free of charge

Come on Melbourne!
Isn’t there anything you guys love about polo

We don’t usually check here, we have a long established mailing list and frequently check leagueofbikepolo.com/clubs/australasia

  • any game with/against MPS!

Thanks for making the effort Rob.

I love making an effort.

i love crashing into the wall/barrier on my own with no one else around