What do you think of this lacing pattern

I used to build a lot of these “snowflake” pattern wheels for MTBers about 10 years ago. Thought I’d see if there was any interest in reviving them for the street. This particular wheel is a Velocity Deep V with Velocity sealed bearing hub.

The pattern can be used front or rear and makes for a very stiff wheel like a tied and soldered wheel.

Cheers Gary.

Sheeeeet, can’t seem to add the photo,

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, it’s only 28kb so shouldn’t be too big.

You need to ‘host’ it at photobucket etc and then copy the ‘forum’ link for the uploaded pic.

or http://imageshack.us/ cause i don’t think you have to open an account to use it

Like this?

I wonder how it performs from a structural engineering point of view- opinions engineers?
I looks a bit wierd I have to say.

From what I’ve heard its strong with the vertical forces, but once they get sideways the wheel isn’t very strong. But seeing as most fixies wouldn’t get too much sideways movement they could be fine.

The most important question is, how many spokecards can it hold?

I got your sideways forces bloke… right here.

You’ve saved me the trouble, yes exactly like that.

I’ve never had any trouble with sideways strength ie. buckleing. I even built a pair for a junior MTBer with very light rims that she used in the Junior World Championships without any problems.

Strength is not an issue.

Got it!

but surely to lace a wheel like that, would take alot more effort and time, than like the normal radial or

Had a friend run both wheels laced like this on his track bike. Stood up to a lot of abuse both on the actual street and in doing tricks (see cog mag issue #2 or something - dude in the pink bunny suit - gaps, wallrides, usual spins and wheelies). he bent several axles in his suzue hubs before they needed truing (which might be a testament to the wheelbuilder).

i was dubious how long they’d hold up but they outlasted a lot of other parts on his bike…

By sideways action i was meaning spins, barspins etc. but from what nikcee says they seem to be strong enough to handle it.

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By sideways action i was meaning spins, barspins etc. [/quote]

Do people actually hang around and do this rubbish?

In my opinion (only) bikes are for riding and clocking up some kays going somewhere.

They do… :frowning: They should just go buy a skateboard.

I like the look.

I guess the number of winds of the spokes and spoke length is a bit of trial and error? - and any error means you’ll end up with spokes that can’t be reused?

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But it looks so cool!

(get a bmx)

I was lucky in that the first one I ever built (15 years ago!), I took a wild guess at how much longer the spokes needed to be and it worked first time. It was pure arse.

Lots of boys doing this in London, I see wheels laced like that several times a week