What drop bars?

I’m contemplating my first pair of drop bars for my daily commuter. I like the look of the Nitto Noodle Bars, probably in a nice and wide 46cm. Anyone tried these? What else do you ride and find comfortable?

Great handlebar but I find they don’t suit aero levers so well for me. It probably depends a bit on the specific aero lever but I like the hoods to form a pretty flat surface from the top of the bar to the lever, and I cant make that work with the Nitto Noodle. I use mine on a fixed with a CX lever.

ITM Kero are a similar concept but work well with aero levers, but they’re difficult to find in Aus. I’ve also got 3TTT Morphe which are similar again but out of production.

If you like the curvy shape of the Nitto look for bars described as randonneur or touring bars. They usually have similar curves to the Noodle.

Older 80’s road bars on my bikes, 40-42cm. I don’t like wide bars and I f@cking hate those ugly ergonomic ones.

I have noodles on one bike which i like very much so far, running with Tectro levers (campy shape, same as Cane Creek) and have had no problem with setup.

Because of the 140mm drop i set them up with the bottom of the lever about 1cm above level with the flat on the bottom of the bar.

The back bend gives a slightly cruzier position than the non noodle equivalent the Nitto Dream. Same deal with the deep drops on these.

i have both in 46 and would never go back to 42s but it suits my body and 58cm frame size. Might bea bit silly if you were on a shortarse frame.

Another vote for noodles. I think mine are 44s. I like’em. Can’t comment on aero lever mounting, I use a single goldfinger, thus:

Hi guys,

I’m coming to this thread a bit late, hope I’m not out of order…

As a newbie can I ask what brand the goldfinger lever is (so I can check it out on the net). Capt.Commuter calls it a “single goldfinger” does this imply there might be a “double” or a “treble” finger?

Who makes Tektro levers?

Also, for the Capt. - can you tell me, does the blue colour your machine has been painted with have a name … who did your paint job (it’s a sensational colour).

DiaTech make the Goldfinger levers. By ‘single goldfinger’ he just means he’s only got one, rather than two aero levers.

Tektro make Tektro levers.

I’ve only ever used the goldfinger on a mate’s bike but i don’t reckon they’d be effective in case of emergency. I got some Profile QS2 which are pretty sweet. I tried the dia-comp ones and found that levers flexed a bit too much for my liking. Also the one I had was a left hand side one which was less than perfect.

I have to disagree, I’ve had a few near misses and the GF’s been very very good - plenty of cable pull, and I can get plenty of pull on mine with a thumb if my hands are out on the tops. Mind you, I have a large and extremely powerful right hand (since my kids came along :evil:).

The photo doesn’t do justice to the colour, it’s much deeper and richer in real life, especially in full sun (my camera is crap). Paint is by Matt at Kookie bikes (www.kookiebikes.com) - it’s actually a black flake with a deep blue candy acrylic over it.