What drops?

Thinking of giving them another go this year.
I like the curvature of old Cinelli track bars but need something wide to suit my shoulders (they’re pretty massive)

Any recommendations?

Cinelli Criteriums. They come in wider sizes (40, 42 and 44cm) they’ve just been reissued and the have a bit more flat across the top unlike the Cinelli Pistas.

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Well that’s my two cents.

Bang for buck deda are pretty nice and stiff in 31.8 they would be my pick
Or new 3t Scatto but a lil pricy haha,
In 26 like jln said crits or pista’s not sure how wide the come though.

Pista’s only come in 39cm wide.

Nitto B123’s also come in a few wider sizes.

I’m assuming you want a quill stem compatible set?

Yeah quill stem only.
Thanks for the recommendations so far.

New I reckon Cinelli or Nitto (the Nitto are 25.4mm clamp), second hand 3ttt make some similar to the Criteriums… But it might be a pain in the arse lurking on eBay for them.

Spirito might be able to weigh in a bit more.

EDIT: the Nitto B123 only go to 40cm wide c-t-c. I also guess it depends whether you want road or track drops.

up to 46 in the cromo version apparently:
Nitto B123 CrMo Track Bar

That’s some narrow bars you have there!

scattos only come in very narrow sizes - 35 or 37cm.

go the criteriums. they’re rad, and i’m stoked to read cinelli are re-releasing them.

if you wanna go newfangled, i’m totally loving my cavendish pro bars.

I am able to confirm that I do indeed weigh a bit more than either Cinelli or Nitto bars. :slight_smile:

Truth be told, there’s more to bars then width, reach and drop are just as important factors. The other truth is that you’d be surprised how quickly we can get used to different variables in bar width and shape. I ride bars from 36cm to 46cm and they all feel pretty comfortable after a few miles. Just remember that a wider bar is like having a slightly longer stem or dropping your stem a touch.

If I had to choose between Cinelli and Nitto i’d buy Nitto without any hesitation. Nitto’s bars and especially their Pearl series stems are just the nicest. Cinelli stuff was/is pretty good too but even I would readily admit not as well finished or as nicely made as Nitto.

25.4mm bar to 26mm stem isn’t such a hurdle. Nitto make a nice shim (I’ve only ever used one half shimmed).

I can’t personally recommend any particular shape of bars blindly. You gotta figure out what works for you and your position on the bike should tell you where your hands want to be. If you’re riding drops and not comfortable then it’s your position that needs looking at. Otoh, riser bars mask a lot of fit problems which is why they’re so prevalent amongst fixie kids.

Those Criteriums are a nice shape bit I would have thought that a more conventional road drop shape would be better suited for a rider with wide shoulders. Because the Criteriums have such a large curve in the top half of the drop they would extend your arms further forward and closer together than a regular shape. My 2c.

I think some Scott Drop-Ins is what you’re looking for.

them’s fightin’ words! (but oh-so-true IMO)

but another vote for the criteriums… good compromise between road function and track styling. i really liked them when i had them and would use again.


I’ve been running Dedas for years and been very happy. Double cable routing for Campy brifters and three different shapes for most of them, shallow, deep & ergo. And not the retarded ergo like FSA or Ritchey do - tried them and not my thing.

I do have a set of Nitto Noodles which are also pretty rocking and look sweet on an older bike.

Think Powdah’s looking for classic looking drops that can be used on his brakeless tarck bike with a quill stem.

No doubt they’re sexy. I got 2 sets but I ride them with a 1cm shorter stem than I would with say Giro d’Italia’s when using brakes/brifters and also because of the deeper drop position. They may also be known as model 65 as some of the bars don’t have the word criterium stamped on them (that started in the late 70’s).

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Giro d’italia’s are awesome too. Track drops are so 2007…

They are noodles. Great bars but definately not track.

Exactly. There are some old style road drops available from nitto too, cant remember their number though.