What Fixie To Get???

Hey Guy’s,
I am currently on the market to get my first fixie.I have been looking at many different brands etc.I have around $800 to spend may be able to stretch it to $1000.I have my eye on a Giant Bowery and some of the bikes made by SE racing and Surley.If anyone has some info on eather of these bikes please let me know as i am looking to buy within the next week or so.

Cheers Brad

Giant Bowery’s are gay. (as childish as it sounds)

SE Lager were a steal @ $500 through Goldcross

Cell C1ngle @ $599 are great value from all the reports i have heard. Postage is free over 500$ but i dunno if that covers bikes. And i tihnk limited sizes at the moment cos they have been selling alot.

KHS Flite look very tidy and you can pick them up for $800ish

Surly is a lil over $1000 but good componentry.

Schwinn Madison are gay (Again childish but cheap and look shit)

My opinion, i would try the Cell C1ngle or go the KHS or if you can stretch then the SURLY.

Hope that helps…


i think someone posted here in these forums that the cell single arent too crash hot and are infact a bit cheap…
get a masi, they rrp is over 1000 but some shops will do deals. check out mortdale bike shed, you can order online from there

After doing a bit of research on fixies i am now leaning towards a steamroller.Does anyone know what there worth and were in Melbourne has these in stock.

Cheers Brad

I’ve seen them in BSC in Brunswick St and Ray’s Bicycle Centre in Sydney Rd, Brunswick (next to Barkly Square shopping centre.)

They were retailing for about $1100 at the time, but complete bikes have seemed to go up a bit in recent months.

I was in the same situation and budget a few months back and settled on a Kona Paddywagon which I’ve been really happy with…just another option.

The Steamroller has quality stuff on it. They’ve sold a fair few at Gearbrisbane with good feedback from the actual buyers. There should be more then one stockist then BSC i would think.

i think the madisons look alright, arnt they fairly cheap?
surlys are good abit pricey, KHS are real nice but you might not be able to get one.

also take a look at Charge Bikes

If you’re in Melbourne and this fits you…
have a stab at a lower price.

59 is big though. I dont know about being 180cm and a perfect size for a 59tt (in his comments)

Thanks for the replys guys im going to head into BSC in the next few days and sus out the steam rollers they have instock if any.Another good thing is im pretty sure they do trade in’s so might be able to get rid off the redline if they offer a decent price and a bit of cash on top and hopefully roll out the door on a steamroller

Cheers Brad

P.S Does anyone on here got there stimulas package from mr rudd yet?

There’s no way that’s a 59. Looks more like a 53 to me.

Sweet England.

Bikepro in Balwyn has 08 steamrollers for about $1100, most sizes
Bikeforce in Richmond has 09 steamrollers for about $1300

this is doing my head in $900 to spend and still dont know what to get

Just save like $200 and get one!

there is a yellow masi hanging up in melbourne cycles, queens parade, at the moment
looks pretty good and is under 1000

At the moment money is tight for me after forking out $2800 for my course so ive had to draw the line as i am currently unemployed.If someone would hurry up and buy my Redline monocog will be able to afford alot more.


Get this, it hot to trot and will cost less than $900, and value won’t decrease as you walk it out the door.


Back off people this is mine.

Going to make a maching set with my euro roadie.