What fork?

With the possibility of a new frame a while away what forks are available to allow bar spins on my 54cm Schwinn Madison running 28c Gators?

What’s the ass to c on the stock forks?

A general rule of thumb is anything. Around 400 or more should make a bike barspin. Tho be warned,itwill fuck with the handling giving it more rake, causing the front end to “flop”’ once it reaches a certain angle.

As far as actual forks go, to keep it all in proportion(not oversize tubes) to match your frame, id suggest the volume fu manchu forks or maybe the leader trick forks. But any of the forks made for a “fgfs” frame will do

NS Analog

S&M Pitch Fork

milwaukee bruiser

Volume Fu Manchu fork

DMR Trailblade fork

Good summary undies. Plenty of choices there. Either go to a 26" or 650c for barspins or change the fork. Ultimately with the geometry of the Madison you unlikely to get barspins without some toe overlap. Changing forks and going to 26" or 650c would probs get you bar spins and no toe overlap with bars spun. The 26" or 650c would bring your front end down as swell with running a fork with a bigger A2C. Your steering will change though.

Cheers for the replies and re the above, please elaborate for the noob?

I understand about rake and having the wheel drop in after a certain point, same deal with motorbikes and racing :wink:

Hahaha didn’t take long and I found it myself…axle to crown.


A-2-C is about 380mm and rake is approx 32-35mm.

fixed that for you :wink:

i really like my NS RNS forks, perfect rake of 26mm or something, strong and pretty lite. got a short steerer tube but fitted my bikes fine. they have them at st cloud store

how do non-trick bikes track bikes get on with a fork swap?? Many probs? I’m thinking of turning a Surly Steamroller into a trick bike but not sure. Any ideas on fork swap or if geo is suitable?
Otherwise i might wait and buy a proper frame in the u.s??

John Prolly ran BMW forks on his Steamroller

Think it went pretty well for him :smiley:

yeh if you get forks stronger than your frame its just gunna rip the front head tube off, it even did it with my sword.

I cant find trick forks which have brake holes, anyone know if this exists? I need brake holes for long distances on SS.

you should be able to find some with a disc brake mount, then you can run the cable/hose through the head tube/headset so you can still bar spin. Cheapest way would be to run a 26" front wheel with mtb disc hub, these are pretty cheap and very strong. Check a site like rotorburn for mad deals.

Or you can not be a gimp, run it fixed and get another bike for long distance Single speed rubbish.
A trick bike Vs Long distance is such a different setup it would be stupid to use the same or similar setup.

Anyone tried the starfuckers fork?

Volume Fu Manchu forks are rad, just put a set on a few weeks back but the are massively tall. The front end of the bike is so much more trustworthy now ha-ha.