What Forums (Fixie) You guys also use???

Hey am just wondering what other forums people use for Fixed Gear related stuff.


Milan C


None, this is the epicenter here my friend.


But check Links anyway

Oth…other forums? I waste enough time here!

what he said^^

What about www.questionabletasteinmusic.org.au? I thought you were a mod there.

I’m not a member, but the London fixed gear forum has a very comprehensive list of threads on just about any topic. +1 from me as a lurker

I too am guilty of this, after having blogs and facebook blocked at work this is my last link to the world outside of highpoint between the hours of 9.30 and 5.30…

any form of subhuman contact will do and i feel something of a warped loyalty to fixed.org because of this.

thanks folks

I used to post on tarckbike.com for a bit, but the topics grew too quickly so I struggled to keep up, especially when away from the computer for a few days.
It was a good forum though.

www.fixedvancouver.com - I just arrived back from living in Vancouver for 2 years, and it was a good way to find rides, roller racing etc.
FixedGearFever - I think most people go here, even just to lurk.
velospace, the place for bikes - Just because i like to look at the bikes.

tarck.com has some weird music which I can’t turn off

i lived there for 5+ years and was one of the founders of that site… who’d you ride with?