What have i created ?????

yep that is a 24" brake less fixie that was built by my 7yr old son ( i literally did nothing). He got the frame from a friend of mine and stripped it and built it up. I ordered the parts for him and away he went !! It will have a front brake soon but for now he is riding brake less (not slowly either). We have just returned home from a 5km ride (see picture under tree) and he had no problems (i did keep up with him).

I mean i think i have created a monster (or atleast a crazy rider)

Didn’t relise the t-shirt he was wearing until i uploaded the photos (got it from an aunty who lives in sf)

cool little build

although taking your kid on a 5km brakeless ride is pretty irresponsible IMO… get that brake (or two) on there asap!

the 5kms was all on paths and at slow speeds and he is probably a better rider than 90% of people i know, so i was pretty happy for him to do it, it is not like we went hammering around on some main roads :smiley: and the brakes will be here in a week or so and will be fitted the day they arrive.

Damn, that’s impressive.

Excellent work, that is the best kid fixie so far.

I imagine his mum would tear your balls off though if she knew he was riding brakeless…

nah she rides fixed with brakes (SE draft lite) and her aunt runs the track club (or helps out with it) in Canberra, so she loves it!!

My son says “thanks for the nice things about his bike” (his words)

nice, his feet look HUGE in the 3rd pic!

yeah his aunty bought him some new cons but they are 2 sizes to big but he won’t take them off !!!

Foot retention?

he found my old pedals, clips and straps and because we used miche young cranks he could fit them

2 sizes too big hey… crazy aunties.

yeah they never listen !!! :smiley:

your son is super cute an his bike is awesome, thats so good he made it himself!

100% awesome.

No, no, no. 1000% awesome.
A very cool little dude he is; if I had a son I’d want him to be as brutally awesome as him :smiley:
How long did it take him to complete?

Make sure the parts are tighten and get the brake on.

What size of wheels are they?