What have I done?! (DIRT RELATED QUESTION)

So being relatively new to mud, I’ve probably been a touch gung-ho with washing my bike after a ride.

I washed off my bike with a hose on the weekend, went to look over it tonight before riding on the long weekend and the BB has seazed up pretty good. And the hubs a bit too but not nearly as bad. I must have stripped all of the grease out of them.

Is there anything I can do without taking the hubs apart (cup and cone), and what can I do re the BB (Shimano MTB external BB)? Can I do anything without removing the cranks?

Don’t be lazy, full bike service asap.

yeah, but what about the weekend?

Buy a new bike.

Seriously… a 2nd bike is a necessity.

No, that would mean I’d have to have a 3rd bike (2 x Dirt, 1 x Tarmac). Budget says nice try but no. :slight_smile:

Squeezed some chain lube in there and its loosened off, the cranks rotate freely now but not super duper. Do you reckon I can go for one moderate ride before servicing it properly? Please say yes. Please.

How long does a proper service take? 1-2 hours?
Also, with sealed bearings this is less likely to happen. Hence the upgrade on the headset of my kiss, bb change asap

chain lube is way too thin for BB bearings. take it apart and put in some proper bearing grease, else you can get shimano UN sealed bottom brackets pretty cheap

You could ride, but you’re risking it. You have a 2nd dirt bike, take that instead.

No Dice!
The pressure from the water will penitrate into the bearings but chain oil will have a harder time penteating the seals. You may be better getting some WD 40 which will penitate and provide minuscule protection for your bearings until you can give it a proper service.

That’s like spraying degreaser in it.That shit will dilute and strip out any grease and carry it away.

Just give it a good service/clean and repack it.The water may have carried grit into the axle and bearings.

Just come to my house before the ride and we can strip it down and inspect the damage but I am sure it’s fine.

Thanks guys for all your input.

Picked up the bike this morning and the chain lube has done some magic overnight. Nice and free again. If its only good for one ride thats okay by me.

As you say Dylan, a BB upgrade is what is probably needed - but it’ll be joining the back of the line, behind forks and wheels. I think I’ll look to get new bearing units (name?) or maybe I can just inject the existing ones, in the meantime. I might take you up on that offer Slinky. Still unsure whether I can make the early morning Wombat on Tuesday. Working Sun/Mon so we’ll see, I might need a sleep in.

ps - I AIN’T squirtin’ WD40 in there :wink:
pss - might have trouble fitting my cranks to a square taper axle, Squid :wink: :wink:

You can’t readily service the cartridge bearings in the Shimano BBs. New units are pretty cheap, or you can replace the bearings only with new ones. Extraction may require specialised tooling.

As for the hubs, don’t shortcut there. If the cones in the hubshell get damaged, it’s new hub time, with all the pain of 2 * wheelbuilds.

  • Joel

Thanks Joel,
Yeah the Shimano hubs are a real pain. Cup & Cone for MTB? Nice one.

ah whoops, didn’t see that. they are sealed units anyway so water shouldn’t get in there? maybe just pull them apart and regrease everything (the plastic bit on the inside seperates from the actual bearing part).
if you have to get new ones and you find some cheap, tell me! the only cheap ones i’ve found are the token ones and the reviews say they disintegrate

yeah they shouldn’t but they do! I’m the second person I know to have a Shimano XT BB seaze up on them. I think the shimano bearing rings are cheap - you can buy an entire BB for about $45 on the web. But I think I might bite the bullet and fork out for a premium BB like CK or Enduro.

I’ve heard bad things about ALOT of token stuff

Value for money Hope is really good I have 2 years on my ceramic one and it’s still going fine. I don’t think that you shimano one is stuffed it’s more likely that you have washed dirt into the gap between the cranks and the plastic dust guard.