What hubs?

Kona Humu 700c off-road bike. Fixed. Disc brake on front.

What hubs?

Criteri(um); They dont have to be the same but would be nice if they matched. Nothing too expensive.

White Industries.

criterion is the singular.

Anything with cartridge bearings. I would stay away from Surlies just because they seem nasty, but any of the IRO/Joytech rebadgings sound just fine. What do the new shifterbikes hubs “look” like? Great price…

My CX bike is getting a miche/mavic wheelset I just happen to have kicking around…

  • Joel

They look exactly like Soma hubs which look exactly like Dimension hubs.

I’ve got a set laced to Velocity aero rims. Used the front for the Roobiax and it performed great. Will only start using the rear today. The wheels spin very nicely. IMO, great bang for buck.


In the immortal words of Pauline Hanson “Please Explain”. Reason being is that i have owned 2 Surly hubs, both worked fine. One was a SS disk hub, no problems, the other was a double fixed hub that needed the cones tightened properly, then no problems. What has been your experience Joel? :slight_smile:

Anything high flange Spuddy, black Formulas are reliable and cheap.


I’d be interested too… I’ve got some brand spankers ready for some rims to be built up.

not strong reasoning, the ones I’ve seen just looked cheap really, burrs in the threads and so on. A couple have come into the shop with very few miles but unremoveable play in the bearings.

I"m sure they’re fine in use - but for the price I would be going with a more-oft-rebadged one.

  • Joel

I second that

Surly = reliable but ugly.

853, you are correct. Everyone else, do Formula / iro / velocity / whatever have disc front hubs? I think not.

Everyone else, do Formula / iro / velocity / whatever have disc front hubs? I think not.[/quote]

Yes Formula do, the hubs that come spec with Raceline MTB’s are formula :stuck_out_tongue: . Stop looking at the world through ‘urine’ coloured glasses, Spuddy.

Oh, those.

I must have bad taste then. I wonder what you’d think of the girls I’ve courted them? :lol:

Your girls? Send me some pics :smiley:

Maybe its the nuts.

Haha! My Velo girl turns on Phils

The street ride will be going to the Surly’s. When it comes to the street, I like a girl that’s got balls (nuts) :lol:

Problems with hex bolts?

Problems with hex bolts?[/quote]
Nah, they are clean way to do it.

Don’t worry about hubs, sell your bike to me…