What i had lying around.

So after going out to Ippy on the weekend and watching everyone smash it up CX style I got a bit keen to have a crack. Lucky I’m slack on getting rid of stuff I no longer need and had almost everything laying around downstairs. Took it for a spin out the trails at Gap Ck where I normally ride the YEti and had a ball!! Now to get fitish for the race at Muzz. Yiew Brahhhhhhhh!!!

Thanks to Brad for the Bars and tyres.

can i wheelie it?

WHat can’t you wheelie??

700c frame? what size knobbies?

Yeah 700. They’re 30c at the mo but after hitting rim a few times sarv i’d love to go bigger. Got a bit more space in there. On a Cx course they’d be fine but some of the trails get a bit rocky and rooty.

Dig it.

I’m not a CX person, but I like what you’ve done there!

Rat CX bike with non-matching tape.


It turned out perfect! I am always happy when another local cross bike is born.

The tyres were actually passed on from foetusfoetus, but I’ll take credit :stuck_out_tongue:

That rules. I really like your handiwork.

What are the tyres?

what’s the frame? tecnotrat europa or similar? surprised you can fit knobbies in there wanders off to look at frames in spare bedroom cupboard

It’s an old Italian made Scott. Oria tubes. THis is now the 4th time I’ve built it up, road, polo, rack and now CX. Tyres are Schwalbe CX pro’s 30c. There’s still a bit of room so might try fitting something bigger.

Approve! Certainly channeling some of the ghettocross vibe there Marty.

One thing though is that although this years CX at Ipswich wasn’t too bad in terms of mud, if the course really muds up you will have issues with mud in the brakes and rear triangle due to the tight clearances. Should be fine for Muzza though.

This receives my endorsement.

When going for larger tyres make sure to check that the knobs still clear when the tyres flex. My commuter fits 34s but when cornering hard or under hard pedalling (with the lower pressures run) the knobs will hit the sides of the fork.

if it clogs up with mud, find someone with a beer to help you spray it out :wink:

Thanks for all the endorsement guys. Had it out for another spin smorn and loving it! Only problem is now my legs, feet, hands and arms are all a bit sore. Bit different riding something with 30c compared to a 2.4’ that i have on the Yeti.

I like your concatenation of ‘this morn’ -> smorn , intentional or not.

And I am thinking of doing the same with my 27"-700c conversion when I get back. it already has 30’s in it with room…

I like the word “concatenation”