What if your chain broke?

I couldn’t find anything on this so here it is:

What if your chain broke while riding and how would you stop? (for the brakeless riders)

Ghostride tha whip!

learn how to do foot jam skids before it happens

Don’t ride brakeless, because it’s stupid?

Man, wish i could find the vid, will look though.
You know how on coaster bikes you get off while your left foot is still on the pedal? It’s kinda like that but you jump over your handle bars as the crank arm (left side) reaches the top.

oh yeah, and then i found 50 bucks!..

Jimmy wins

this happened to me the other day whilst hooking. just put my left foot on the back wheel ted shred style. was fine.

Google massan leader bikes

what the hell is hooking?

Hook turn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It’s how the kids ride alleycats these days. cautiously.

Also - isn’t F.O.R.T the standard emergency procedure in the case of a broken chain whilst traveling at speed towards a pedestrian crossing?

this. except my chain didnt break. I just tried it incase it did LOL

you wouldn’t. you would just keep going faster and faster until you hit 88 miles per hour. then your flux capacitor would light up, your hubs would generate 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, and you would go back in time.

and then the thread would automatically close.