What internet plan/provider do you use?

So I need to get the internet connected at my house to check my sites. Can anyone recommend any providers or plans that are good?

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Whirlpool forums would probably be the more appropriate place to get advice on this

had iinet, moved into a sharehouse with tpg.

iinet was awesome, tpg is pretty shit I reckon.

I’ve got TPG and it’s fine. Had the odd dropout, but generally it’s fine. Could be down to the local lines/exchange etc Rolly?

And yeh, seconded checking out Whirlpool forums. An absolute wealth of info on broadband and anything tech related, pretty much all Australian content. You might even be able to check who the best ISP is for you area if you’re lucky.

MyNetFone - $49.95/month for 200GB Naked DSL. Best deal around. No dicking around with landlines (who the hell uses a landline anyway?), and easy to set up cheap VOIP if needed.

I’ve been on them for about 2 years without a hitch. They’re fucking tops.

Edit: they also do no contract if you pay a $199 connection fee. Fuck contracts.

TPG. Been with them for 3 years and not one issue. $59.99 pm with a home phone line including rental. Really good deal, the others are a goddamn rip off, and because the call centre is in India the telstra technicians can get them to bend the rules so you can actually get connected. At my new place my street was “full”. The only line to my house he could find (there was 3 - all “in use”) was also still active from the previous tenants. The technician disconnected it (legally active but will never be used again) and ran our in it’s place. The speed etc is all down to your distance from the exchange no matter who you’re with. If you’re around 4km or so like me the speed will be limited to the copper wires capacity. Roll on NBN so we can all download the shit out of the internets…

iInet… apart from the shite ads, they’re pretty good.

+1 with TPG.
Been with them over a year, not one issue.
$59.99 a month, unlimited d/l.
No dramas running imacs, ipads, galaxy tabs etc all at once

I am with optus $60 month 120gb wifi dealio. Our house had a old Optus TV connection so the wifi modem connects strait into that and we have a great signal all through the place.

Was with iprimus and they sucked, stuffed up my billing so many times, and took months to sort it out.

iiNet, downloads all my Linux ISOs super fast.

Dear Sir, have you heard about iinet Australia’s best internet provider? It is fantastic, my family loves it! Yours sincerely Mr Chen

TPG over here. Over 5 years and never had any issues that couldn’t be sorted out via their tech support (indian call centre but very helpful).

Internode since… forever.

I was with TPG for 4 years. The internet speed was good, no drop outs. customer service was SHIT.

My parents have been with Bigpond since forever. Good speed, good service (usually) except lately where there have been big issues in the area.

seems i’m just lucky then i guess.

if it was in my name etc i’d fuck it off to be honest, but my housemate has been in the place for over 5 years and i can’t see him being too concerned about it, so guess it’s staying…

edit - is this one of the things that’s going to make the Liberal Govt’s Fibre to the Node plan completely fucking useless if it was installed in my house?

Telstra Cable, which can get a little slow on the odd occasion, but overall smashes it.
I would probably chase a better deal if I didn’t get a sweet staff discount on it.

you gonna keep your job in the big cull mate? hope so!!

TPG here as well. Been with them for over 5 years. Current residence is 200m from the exchange. Speeds are awesome.

correct response: “whatever my neighbours’ use”