What is the cheapest fixie?

Simply the title…
What is the cheapest new fixie around?


SE DRAFT LITE. Wouldn’t personally ride one. The price scares me being so cheap. Whats the catch? They only used half the amount of braze? Left over un-even tubesets… :?

I thinks the draft lite only has a freewheel :x
but SE draft is cheap aswell and has a fixed rear wheel

Can’t beat this on price…


I’ll second that, if your comfortable dumpster diving n maybe investing in a tool or two it may be the cheapest way. Also keep an eye on ebay too, with winter coming some of the summer fun hipsters get sick of their bikes. But off the shelf there isn’t anything cheaper then SE Draft lite I’ve seen lately

Do that ^
I ran in to some money and came so close to buying an off the shelf bike. I already had a frame though and decided to keep building. A month later, I was finished. it was incredibly satisfying too. All up cost me about 500

Can we see some pictures (if we haven’t already)?

Cheap off the shelf will probably end up costing you in the long run replacing stuff you aren’t happy with.

mate of mine bought a draft lite.
so far:
new pedals (pedals broke)
rear hub fell apart
this is in <1month